Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Natural Resources Defense Council..... What Do They Do??? Why Should We Support Them???

The Natural Resources Defense Council is an environmental organization that is dedicated to changing and improving the environment for the better.  They work mainly within the United States, as far as I know, and are presently FIGHTING very hard to stop foreign-owned mining companies {Anglo American and Rio Tinto} from ``planning to dig one of the World's largest open-pit mines in the heart of the watershed that feeds Bristol Bay, Alaska.  This Pristine ecosystem is as vital to Alaskan Native communities and fishermen as it is to salmon, bears, eagles, seals and whales.''

{The Above quote was taken from an official document that came from the Natural Resources Defense Council itself.  If you want to get involved in helping clean up the environment {and I strongly recommend that you do because as Black, Latin and disenfranchised people, we don't understand the importance of a clean environment nearly enough} you can write them @ 40 West 20th Street, Manhattan New York  10011.  Look up their Web Page @ www.StopPebble.Org
I will admit that I have personally given money to them in the past and Mr. Robert Redford sits on their Board of Directors.

Peace and Blessings,,,

Brother Tracy Gibson...

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