Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Comments on Face Book on November 9, 2014 Sunday Morning at 3:15 A.M.
By The Wisdom Seeker / Brother Tracy Gibson…

I have been an advocate for a Black Jesus Picture at our church for years. This picture has the colors wrong.  It is our Black Jesus that holds up the weak European. I have White friends and I never forget White People who were abolitionists and freedom fighters and People like Ramsey Clark & Councilman James Kenney & Gore Vidal who don't sleep well at night because they know there is injustice in our world. These Europeans have, like Robert Kennedy and others fought for and continue to fight for real freedom & real justice, sometimes giving their lives. {The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Social Justice Continues His work long after His tragic assassination in June 0f 1968.} The Late Senator from Wisconsin Paul Welstone & His wife are other People who come to mind -- Dedicated, Champions of Justice who would lay down their lives {and did} for Black People. {There are many such People of European descent who fought to end Apartheid in South Africa as well.} I think it is a sorry thing that some of our Black leaders and Black Nationalists forget these so-called White People and write them out of our History like we as Black People have been written out of much of world History when we play a major part in it, in actuality. You don't see any of this talked about much on TV? I can't wait to see what Our New African American Smithsonian History & Cultural Museum  on the Mall in The District will look like. We can fight and bicker, but we still have some things. I have NOT seen the statue of Martin Luther King Junior up-close & personal as yet. {Did you know that sometimes during the week Stevie Wonder makes a Cherry Picker available for Blind People to be lifted up to feel the face of the King Statue? This is true. } The pix of Black Kings and African Empresses are a fantastic Way to build self-esteem, self-awareness, Black Pride, Black  Cultural Pride, self-pride and better values in ourselves, our elders and our children.  I hope you will forgive me for sometimes being so serious about our situation as Black People, I guess my frustration level remains high as I have been effectively blocked out of the economic growth I so richly deserve for 35 years of service to the poor, Black & oppressed, but GOD knows full well what I have done and I am rewarded with another breath of life each minute and a family of church friends, close personal family and other friends that is just superb. I would not wana-be anyone else in the world for any amount of money. You can keep Donald Trump & Oprah. They are blinded by greed and what they think is meaningful self-achievement, but what is really exploitation and running over the little guys and little gals. I very much hope the Jehovah Witnesses are correct when they say GOD will come back and give us a new word and not destroy our planet which took thousands of years to formulate.  If you get a chance, please read ``African World Revolution,'' by The Late Professor John Henrick Clark It is one of the best books I have ever read. {You can't get this at some Black book stores, but you can get ZANE. This is why we wonder in the forest when we should be ruling the world again.  Write me for a book list. BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. Ashe'

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