Thursday, April 2, 2015

Achievers Don't Play.......

Achievers Don’t Play

By Brother Tracy Gibson

When you say someone is just horny and needs a good Fuc*** you make light of a person’s sexual nature and natural state of needing intimacy.  This is part of the Americanization of sex. Short, Sweet, all over the map and usually nothing respected by the respectable or the GoDly.

High achievers don’t have to play at this silly, repugnant game. We choose instead to look in the mirror and LOVe ourselves and say ``I’m deserving of a good relationship and a good man. I am not just a horny toad, but rather, a man in need of the Grace of decency and wholesome LOVe.

Sex is like eating and sleeping. Do without it long enough and your body will rebel as will your mind. I should know having done without it, in any really meaningful Way, for over four years.  I ``see’’ an awful lot of men I think, intellectually I want to go to bed with them. I give a lot of intellectual and sexual power over to them and face street-level, superficial rejection very often—more often than not.  What I have noticed is that the handsome, light-skinned young men I’m attracted to don’t really have the upper hand, I do. They are what is so grotesquely considered ``young, dumb and full of…’’ well you know the rest. I have something real and authentic that has taken me many, many years to develop & cultivate. That is cultivation itself. Unfortunately, finding a young man who realizes his path is loaded with pitfalls unless He has an older Black gentleman to tally along with Him, well many young men just don’t get it. They will, if they don’t have guidance, fill our jails and our unemployment lines and our morgues for yet another generation—unless we as older men do something besides ogle them.  How to have class, get qualified for a job, get and have some decency about one. Interact in polite conversation without raising eyebrows and voices, engendering laughter or causing People to stair or walk briskly in the other direction. These are traits engendered because I was raised properly by my parents, went to good schools, took school seriously [after grade school], and also because I have a Sister and Brother-in Law who have taken it upon themselves to continue to care about me after my parents and many other blood relations have left this place. I have also been in therapy & take medicine for some emotional problems and psychiatric problems centering on adjustment and chemical imbalance.  So if you want to raise yourself above the fray and the common man and the regular everyday dull mediocrity that we all face as North Americans in this great land of ours [which by the Way I call The United States of Native America]  and want instead a life of possible great wealth, but more importantly, a life & a life partner who will teach you How to teach yourself to live with decency, hope, LOVe, respect & GoD, a call to me will lead you in that direction.  I may already have a LOVer, but I am considering starting such a character building and ethics building and progressive politics building organization to build decency in young Black men. If you want to be included in this, please give your parents and or guardians my phone number. I am not only after a ``piece of a..’’ I am after the ethical betterment of my Black community and I am after our Black economic stability and our Black economic fulfillment. I have been working at these issues for decades.  If I just wanted a ``piece of a..’’ like any grown Black man I know where to pay some street walker for it and get it for almost free if Even I so desire.  If you want to keep playing games, please pass me by. If you are a female looking for some decency in your life, I am not the one to help you with that, but I can refer you to two sisters in Philadelphia I know who will help you with that. One is more politically active than the other, but they are both very capable at what they do. There is still a third Sistah from my church who I have been quite Proud of lately who, if you are a Lesbian, may well be able to help you through the services  & auspices of my church—Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. [Service is each Sunday at 2 P.M. at 55 North Broad Street in the Chapel of The Arch Street United Methodist Church. ALL are welcome.]  If you want to call me for such help, my number is 1 (215) 921-2065. If the song ``Here’s my number and a dime, call me any time’’ comes to mind you may well be barking up the wrong tree. I am out to make you into a better, more critically thinking person and a more LOVing and decent person who knows not to spit on the sidewalk near policemen or carry a knife. All the Best, Peace in. By the way the tentative name for the new organization is Black Gents of Philadelphia.

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