Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why I'm a Republican.....By Anonymous

Following the path of what I believe is a true Republican.//  By anonymous ..

     My feeling is that President Abraham Lincoln represented what a true Republican is. I have, after being a Democrat for 40 years, I have taken on the mantel of being a Republican for three reasons.

     1] I think the back and forth banter over social programs has gotten Black people nowhere except in a trap of poverty for about 40 % of our population and has left us as very confused voters. Social programs, many started under President Roosevelt, were not even available to Black people because of governmental racism back in the 1930’s and 1940’s... When such programs are available to us, they often lead to our being ``hooked’’ on the social program and not making much financial and political progress.  There are people in our neighborhoods who promote socialism and communism. I am not one of them. I think our biggest problem, aside from not trusting each other and being deserving of such trust by not playing games and exploiting each other, is our severe lack of access to the capital needed to start businesses of our own and successfully maintain those businesses. We also need to support, unequivocally, our own Black businesses and give such Black business owners more than a second chance to do the best they can.

   2] The other reason I have become a Republican is the fact that the Democratic Party was started by racists.  Now the shoe seems to be on the other foot, with Republicans being mostly the racist ones. My contention is that both Republicans and Democrats are ``hooked’’ on White supremacy – for the most part – and not interested in helping the majority of Black people get good jobs, maintain those jobs, get good educations, and buy Real Estate, buy stocks and bonds in their own companies, and do the best for themselves as Black people and Black communities.

     We have to take on the mantel of these things ourselves and think positively, never betray our Black Brothers and Sisters and keep our eyes on the prize. The prize, which in my opinion is real freedom, real justice and real equality as well as real opportunity, has to stop being just out of reach, and start being a reality instead of an elusive North American dream.  We can provide these things for ourselves without going begging, hat in hand, to the White man.

     The key is to be honest with yourself where ever your political philosophy is. Now Republicans are quite racist. You might ask, ``What am I as a progressive and revolutionary thinker doing among them? I rarely vote Republican. In the last Presidential election I voted for Nelson Mandela for President; Angela Davis for United States of Native America Senate ; and for myself as a Congressman. I wrote in the votes. This gave me the power to lift my head high when I exited the voting booth. I did not compromise. I did not vote for the gentleman who is now serving in the White House, nor do I think I could considering his racist stand on many issues and his conservative stand on many issues. I am a progressive and a revolutionary. A Black man who is openly Gay and proud of myself for the achievements I have made.

     The racists have tried to keep me back and hold me back for years and years, but, following the path GOD has set before me, I have kept my head up and my spirits up, no matter what. I have lost both parents in the last 11 years; and I have a good relationship with people many people, but only one LOVer.  Much of the estrangement of my extended family has to do with my financial vilification and the fact that I have to exists on less than $1,400.00 a month.  To me, this is humanly impossible considering the cost of rent and food and other items in Philadelphia and other such big cities.

     I have Big plans to sell Tee-Shirts; sell my books; and get work that will be meaningful and financially rewarding. At 60, I have found this very difficult to do, but I keep working at it everyday and have made progress. It is not nearly the progress I want to make, but it is progress none the less…  The third reason I joined the Republican Party was to get into the ring with the enemy and face them down right up close and personal. I will probably find some allies, but I am a very liberal person at heart. However, the Democrats have not promoted enough Black leadership and haven’t had a true liberal since John Kennedy in the White house. I also am a Republican so I can make some real and true money instead of the money I make right now. I am on disability, but I know I won’t be for long, because GOD’s path has and will lead to something much better.   I don’t think people should be judged by their party affiliation; age; sex; sexual orientation; gender status; eye color; skin color; national origin; religion; or their ability to pay any certain financial fee.  I am tired of Black people saying ``this is a struggle’’ and ``I’m part of the struggle’’. At 60 I should not be struggling any longer. I am also tired of Black people saying they blame everything on the White man. Not when we are the ones not supporting our Black activists who have dedicated 20, 30 or 40 years to the forward movement of our Black people. Not when we are the ones who still spend $80.00 among Asian or White people to get our nails done; not when we are the ones spending $300.00 on Season football tickets when we hardly have food on the table and our children’s schooling paid for; not when we spend hundreds of dollars on lottery tickets and don’t even know where the Black bank is, never visit and never open an account there.  These are thing that we as Black people can change over time. If we change them and take positive action to eat better, live better and treat each other more fairly, it doesn’t matter what religion we are or what party we belong to.    I am a Republican to learn and to teach. Not to support any one candidate.