Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oil Prices and Peace in the Middle East.....

An Open Letter to the World

From: Brother Tracy Gibson - Writer - Activist - Businessman - Fundraiser - Journalist - Visionary And Peace maker...

RE: What to do About Raising Oil Prices And Peace in the Middle East...???

1} We should be making friends with the Palestinian People because they are held dear to the hearts of the Arab World because of the discrimination and hardships they faced since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. This will bring more fairness in our policies in the Middle East and help us be perceived as a Peace-Maker instead of a One-Sided ally of Israel's.

2} Our relationship with Israel needs to fundamentally change. We give them $3 Billion Dollars a year and Jewish Americans must legally hand over about another $10 Billion Dollars. Yet, Frightfully, this large sum of cash still isn't enough to buy lasting peace and stability in the region. In fact there is more stress and strife in the Middle East now than there ever was.

3} We need to stop the gun-boat diplomacy of bombing the Taliban in Yemen and Pakistan. Our drone missiles have been proven to take the lives of many women and children. This is unacceptable to the American public { at least to those who realize this is going on and are paying attention}.

Dear Amura: The above is the first three segments of a document I am sending out about Oil Prices and Middle Eastern Peace. I will send you another three parts tomorrow.

I thank you once again for the fantastic letter you sent about copyright and my book. It has proven to be very helpful and made me rest a bit easier. Log onto Google and put in my name: Brother Tracy Gibson, and log onto the Blogg ``The Politics of Real,'' and you will find several articles by me there.

Please keep in touch. I feel you are like a Brother because my sister Aziza Loves you so much and respects you so much as a writer and Renaissance Man....


Brother Tracy Gibson...



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