Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Part II: The Cost of Oil at home and the Reconstruction of North American Inner Cities.....

4} If and when we are more honest about what is actually happening in the Middle East {and our role as State Terrorists in creating much of the havoc there} we will find open roads to Lasting Peace. Peace sits in the streets of the Middle East waiting for us to pick up the pieces as if they were pieces of Gold or gems. But our dishonesty, bickering in Congress, and our underhandedness in policy creation and implementation continues to create roadblocks for ourselves and the rest of the World who is concerned about real and lasting Peace in that region.
5} Also, we are suffering economically now because the price of oil is inflated because of the inherent dishonesty in our Middle Eastern policy. When we make a really authentic effort to make more friends in the Middle East and stop judging everybody other than the Israelis as our enemies, we will find real ways to help stop the price of oil from continuing to escalate at the gas pump at home. It is time we grew up and agreed to talk with whoever we need to in making the lasting Peace we need to make and bring down the prices of oil, which is a finite resource at best. Obviously there are other great reasons to work towards and fight for Peace in the Middle East. The saving of lives is an upper most priority; the issue of fairness to historically mistreated Arab groups such as the Palestinians, many of whom live in real squalor in the Occupied Territories and in concentration-camp-like facilities in refugee camps in Occupied Territories, and in surrounding countries like Jordan and Oman, must be the priority. Pressure should be put to bare to make these circumstances and conditions better for the Palestinian People as oil prices drop at the pumps in the United States.....

Part 3: Bringing Down the Price of Oil at the Pump and Re-Building and Reconstructing Our Inner Cities.....
6} There needs to be more exposure in the world media, the established White- Owned Goliath American media, and small and alternative and non-White media as well, of how the price of gas is deeply influenced by the policies of the American oil companies, their refineries and the oil executives who make decisions on oil policy and pricing... There is also a need to expose how rich political and Arab and non-Arab families who own much of the oil in the region and elsewhere benefit from the relationships they have established with those same oil companies and their top executives. Meanwhile, many of the common Arabs n countries like Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia go without jobs and are poor. { This is a fact that is kept from most people in the United States through manipulation of the Major White-Owned Goliath Media in the U.S. and elsewhere...}
7} How to change things and bring down the price of oil at the same time, needs to be devised by some people like myself, and many others who think outside the box and want the best for out country, but who also want to see us deal more honestly with the North American people and the average Arab public on this topic.

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