Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Personal Testimony...

Personal Testimony...

I have, and I CAN prove it and I have written letters of complaint, to the Banking Regulators; I have been financially harassed and financially ostracised and fined for small financial infractions that should not have been a problem. One account was left ``hanging'' with a penny owned the bank and remained a bad mark on my credit report for one year. Several Banks have caused me financial difficulty including PNC Bank;Citizen's Bank; Philadelphia Federal Credit Union; Commerce Bank; T.B. Bank; Wells Fargo; Artisan's Bank of Delaware; and Chase Bank--a major offender who foreclosed on my house and now won't pay off a $15,000.00 loan that was supposed to be paid at foreclosure more than three years ago.  I have not during a similar period, had a problem with Berean Bank or United Bank--both Black banks. United Bank is still open. I also have an account at the Asian Bank and have had no problem with them either. I strongly suggest you bank at the Black banks and put a small amount of growing money in the Asian Bank as well.

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