Thursday, August 10, 2017

tracy gibson's corpoate structure

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated and Our Subsidiaries  as of august 10th, 2017 Thursday

**     Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated,  is my parent company. It was incorporated on December 18th, 2006. Many years went into research before that. Education, research, advertising, Black Community advocacy, Public Relations, advocacy for Black businesses and Black youth, philanthropy.  This is a for-profit company with a political conscious. EIN number available.

**     The Coalition for Peace, Freedom and Justice in the Middle East. This is a non-profit company aimed at giving common Black people and other non-Whites a viable option to learn more about the multiplicity of issues facing the Middle East in a non-violent, peaceful and earth-saving (and people saving) manner. It is all on paper right now, due to a lack of funding, but our aim is to make more information concerning the complexities in the Middle East more understood and acted upon by the general public, especially marginalized communities.

•    Socks and Jocksa for-profit store aimed at providing the sale of men’s under ware, jocks straps, socks and Tee-Shirts in a festive, up-beat atmosphere where condoms and safe-sex information is also freely available. I would like to see the stores in 10 cities. We are a subsidiary of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated.  This is not a ``Gay store’’ or a men’s store only. It will be open to women, girlfriends, boyfriends, lesbians, transpeople, wives, and the general over-20 community. It is past time to get past being squeamish about sex and sexual issues due to the numbers of men coming out of institutions who might be in need of such stores to help curb STD’s and AIDS/HIV in our Black communities. A percentage of profits will be channeled into education scholarship programs for Black youth who want to attend Black colleges.  Established funding from private sources will help create a level of professionalism, accountability, public disclosure, decorum, and decency for this company that is often lacking in far too many of our Black businesses and corporate efforts to date. 

A Black Progressive Talent Agency   ---  Let’s start with the raw facts. Look how many Black stars have lost their lives from drug overdoses, car accidents, and behaviors that are outside of the loop. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Michael Jackson Camp has not sued Pepsi Company  over what led to his death – the stage accident (filming a Pepsi commercial) where he hurt himself and eventually ended up on dangerous medicines. These medicines  led to his overdose and final death.  Whitney Houston was so overworked that she reached out for drugs. A maddening lifestyle led, eventually to her being unable to control her varied and full schedule.  Where were the LOVing arms she needed? Where was the time off for family? Where was the time she needed to see a therapist for help? Where were the needed vacations and rest so she could regroup before she took on such a vigorous schedule again? Where were the healthy-minded protecting people she needed around her? The same can be said for many other Black stars. I have literally herd one Major Black star say they had no time to relax and enjoy their success.  People with the magnitude of talents that Whitney Houston exhibited come along once in a Black moon. We MUST, as a Black community, make sure our stars are not only there for us to enjoy at a live concert, Television event or film, but that they are there for many, many years to come as we make sure they are cared for properly and surrounded by the correct and proper people who will care for them. This starts with the star themselves having the correct mindset to think about not just their career, but also mental health, stability -- both financially and emotionally, family oriented support systems, top notch professional handlers who really care about them, extended family and a host of good friends who can help boost and stabilize a successful career instead of letting it go down the drain with booze, cigarettes, illegal drugs, over sexualization, and bursting yet unjustified financial expenditures.  Giving successful Black stars fair representation, fantastic pay, and more than adequate rest, vacation time and time off to see family members must be a requirement of our company (only proposed at this point) Our cherished Black stars deserve a great and stabile lifestyle, and when they get older, they deserve a fully supported retirement with all the bells and whistles.  Making sure these stars, and new-found talent, have the proper psychiatric help and addiction intervention they may need it to  stabilize their lives, and making sure that the inclusion of family member in decision making is part of really making inroads to finding root causes for some of the problems that make the bad headlines.  Too often at a real cost in real dollars lost revenue.   These concepts are at the root of why we are starting a talent agency.  It may take years or even generations to have an impact on the Hollywood system, but that is OK. Luckily this is where my six students and my family members come in.  ( Time off may be needed for detox, touchy situations, and for emergencies, for more than just stars.  ) I want this corporation to understand that and make the proper adjustments.  We can also allow for the stars themselves to control their careers and assets, instead of railroading them into contracts that last for decades at low pay. Some of the biggest names in the recording industry and Hollywood, have been paid a minuscule amount of money and small amounts of stock options for their talents and services, as unscrupulous producers and handlers only understand dollar signs instead of decency, fairness and humanity.  When we sign our Sisters and Brother on it will be different. We can maintain high ethical standards and turn this around in a great and positive way. 

Black Millionaire’s Network.

An international Black network of financial consultants that help Black families and Black individuals stabilize their households financially for the long term – this in general terms is what Black Millionaire’s Network is all about. Money for saving; money for the Black Children’s educations all the way up to the doctorate level if need be; money to pay property taxes; take needed vacations and enjoy adequate time with friends and family; investing in stocks; and saving for retirement.  This concept will help popularize financial responsibility as we throw away our worthless lottery tickets (before the community even buys them) and put our money in Black banks like United Bank and invest in Black investment firms like Ariel Investments instead. This is not rocket science. It is about being responsible, taking our time, investing early, and getting proper financial advice and proper and appropriate financial education.

Editor’s Note: All aspects of my corporate structure are actively engaged in building positive family ethics, good diction, proper good manners, good grooming, exercise, good nutritional values and a religious and ethical background to help hold it all together – even though we might only be largely on paper at the present time, we are seeking support, financial support and we are able to share our ideas in a very generous manner as we continue to build our progressive business interests.


Call Our President, Founder and Chief

Tracy Gibson,

At 1 (215) 823 9985 if you are interested in giving money to our business interests. Read (for Free) some of the articles that led to our development at

We thank you for taking the time to read this message about our corporate interests.

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