Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Letter to Shell Oil.....Jobs for BLACK Youth Next Summer [2014]...

August 29, 2013, Thursday...

Shell Headquarters
CareL Van Bylandtlaan 16,
2596 HR The Hague,
The Netherlands

Dear Shell Oil:

I have written several of your competitors in past years concerning providing Summer jobs for youth, especially in the inner cities across North America, and especially for Black youth who have been so hard hit by unemployment, hunger, poor schools, lack of opportunities, depression, and bad tempriments and bad attitudes due mostly because of the aforementioned problems. .  My vision is that young Black men and young Black women between the ages of 15 and 23 can work at your filling stations for a fair wadge [not minimum wadge.] and do odd jobs such as: cleaning; sweeping; minor auto repair; customer service and helping with light machinery. They must be paid at least $10.10 an hour for the work to be furfilling and meaningful for them. Some of them Will be interested in advance auto repair and want to learn more things such as how autos impact on the environment through emmissions; and how to help fuel effencecy in older cars....  My proposal is for the program to take place during the Summer of 2014.

These Summer jobs will be great learning experiences for the young Black men and young Black women and will give them badly needed spending money over the Summer.  This should have a positive impact on jobless rates especially in inner cities like Newark, New Jersey; Chicago, IL; Camden, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pa; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; and New York City.  The Jobs will also have a positive impact on lowering inner city crime and will have a similar impact in suburban and rural areas.

There should also be quite a Public Relations prize for your company which will be seen as taking a bold and different initative to help our inner cities and our Country....

I hope you will consider this simple proposal and get back to me soon with Ways for me to help as a consultant with the project.


Brother Tracy Gibson,
President, Founder and CEO OF:
The Black Millionaire's Network and Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.



Building Economic Bridges to Improve Cities and the People Who Live In Them.....

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