Thursday, August 29, 2013

Humbleness is GODLYNESS!!!

Often we take time for work, family, friends, church and even intimate time with our partners. We might go to church, but have we spent time to really say THANK YOU to GOD in a very special Way? Yesterday morning I went to the Delaware Water Front in Philadelphia and watched the SUN rise.  I didn't even really know why I was going down there.  I just thought I was going for an early morning walk, but I sat in front of the river and I noticed the SUN rising!!!  I am 56 years old and I think it was the FIRST time I actually sat and watched the sun rise....  It was stupendious, majestic, magnificent, romantic--even though I was alone with GOD only--; it was like discovering a new planet called EARTH!!!  The SUN is perfect.  It is round like nothing else is round and it leave a long trail--a reflection--on the water.  THe orange reflection is almost inviting us to come up to the SUN and join GOD.  it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and it is there everyday for people who take the time to see it.  If you are feeling depressed and hopeless and are down on your luck and have no money, I strongly suggest you go to the river or any water facing EAST and watch the SUN rise.  GOD will not dissapoint you.  It is so gorgious and beautiful and you can do this as many days as you can find time for.  Thank you GOD for showing me your true beauty... I am ever thankful.  Brother Tracy Gibson...

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