Saturday, August 31, 2013

the story of the pigeon of 40th str...

pigeon...a simple inner city bird with little fan fair and not much of a future to make anything really big of himself. I met a pigeon today, this morning, as it were, at the park on 40th str.  in Philadelphia. I was resting after a walk from home on my Way all the Way down town to the Library at 20th and the Parkway.  That little dirty bird tought me a lesson right there as I sat near the Learning Tree. He is smarter than most black people.  He will change into a REAL Eagle or at least a Hawk very soon.  I think He will skip partridge status all together, even though the partridge is a very fine bird to be such a close cousin to the dirty pigeon, with all of that cooing the partridge does....  Now, why on Earth do I say that the pigeon is smarter than most black people??? Because He is a smart little bird.  He took one bite out of the potato chip that was on the ground and left it alone.  It was a barbecue chip which taste really good because of all that salt.  Maybe this little dirty bird pigeon has high blood pressure and didn't want to get sick so He left the potato ship alone.  Hundreds of BLack people  spend over $10 dollars on Potato Chips every year.  That $10.00 could go to buying socks or to buying a note book or a diary to keep notes of good things to do before GOD in.  [Notebooks are really cheap.] But, unlike the Dirty Bird, we as Black people keep buying potato chips and eating and consuming them and getting sick. We sell them to ourselves and other ethnic groups sell them to us.  That is why our blood pressures are up and why we are fat.  we could have even bought a bar of soap with the money we save from buying potato chips. GOD knows some of us could use some soap and water to clean ourselves up... The pigeon knows better than to eat the chips and walked right by the chip.  He was on his way to buy some nuts at the store at the corner to keep the corner store open so He didn't have to support WaL Mart--but that is another story.  The Dirty Bird Pigeon also walked right by a cigarette. [What is with these newports anyway and the BLackcommunity????  He didn't pick it up and smoke it and get sick.  Do you know how much we would save in health care bills and health care benefits if we did that--didn't smoke cigarettes like the dirty pigeon didn' would be hundreds of dollars.  But We humans have a tendency to smoke, especially if we are poor and homeless..... There seems to be some kind of contest to see who can get cancer quickest and fastest.....the pigeon Will not get cancer at all.   He puffs out His chest and fliesoff Proud and Healthy, but first He was on the Way to the corner store to get a yogurt.....He was not on His Way to McDonalds........   but that is another story.  Now you see why the Eagles really Will never win the super bowl no matter how hard they try because there are too many dirty pigeon who smoke and eat pork and eat potato chips and who haven't discovered that their bodies are a TEMPLE and must be respected....  The Eagles have a lot of Dirty Pigeons among them, but they are in the closet.  They eat fried chicken, pork, smoke, drink and eat potato chips.  In fact, the Eagles do commercials for HERS Potato chips.  This shows that they are not even smart Pigeon--let alone ready to be true and real Eagles.... We Will never get to the Super Bowl and WIN like that--with false and phony pigeons faking it as Eagles.  They haven't even reached Hawk or Dove or Partridge status yet.  BUT I think that pigeon I saw today at 40th str in the park today near U of P at the Learning Tree Will be an Eagle on Wednesday--a REAL Eagle!!!! An Eagle for GOD!!! HE IS READY!!!

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