Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Friendly Visit from a Giving Family.....

Dear Pakistani Family who provided food for poor and Homeless People at 63rd and Market Street near Philadelphia a few months ago....
I want to thank you ever so much for providing the turkey meatballs with pasta in an exquisite sauce to us poor folk, last Saturday night.  That had to be one of the best meals I've had since eight months ago when I first started eating at church missions for the poor.  I have eaten with the poor so I can support my progressive-change business and investment service. By eating with the poor, I have been able to have money to invest and support organizations, people, businesses and institutions which are working to make a positive, Progressive, Pro-Active change for Black people and improve our situation greatly.[We are Masters at providing Public Relations, Education, Research and Advocacy services to the under served, the poor and the Black [other races can take advantage of our services as well, and for little charge.].
You obviously cooked that food with loving hands, and with hearts of Gold.  Your generosity Will never be forgotten or go unnoticed by me, and I and the others who you  served, I am sure, are very thankful for your generosity.  God Bless you, and I have to apologize for our country bombing your country. I have spoken out against such violence for several months and years--apparently not with much success in ending the bombing and bringing peace home at last. I wish our President and His wife could enjoy such a fantastic home-made turkey meatball meal with that fantastic hummus, garlic and Curry sauce. Maybe they would see the Folly of the bombing through their stomachs when they realized how loving and kind some of your people are.  GOD Bless You,

LOVe and Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson...

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