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The Problem With Fraking and HouseHold Gas.....

March 30, 2013 [ Saturday] The Day Before Easter // Dear Friends And Associates:

TO: Congressman Fattah; Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition; The President of the United States and The First Lady; Senator Robert Casey; Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; Writer-Activist Alice Walker; Ms. Karel Kilimnik; Stevie Wonder

From: Brother Tracy Gibson, Founder, President and CEO OF: **Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc. [ Visionary Education – Visionary Activism – Innovative Fund Raising; And: Founder, President and CEO OF: *The Black Millionaire’s Network [ Finding interactive financial solutions to stabilize Black individuals, Black Homes and Black Families].

Local Address: 213 South 49th Str

Philadelphia, Pa 19139-4205

RE: The Halting of The Proposed Development of Pebble Mine in Alaska by British and British-Australian Mining Companies: Anglo American Mining [British Mining] And Rio Tinto [British – Australian] Mining Company. What WE can do and Why It IS Important!!!

It has come to my attention through a letter from Actor – Director Robert Redford [ a spirited form letter], that Mr. Redford, a life-long Progressive and a leading Board of Trustees Member of The Natural Resources Defense Council for 35 years, that two British mine firms [Rio Tinto and Anglo American] are planning to mine copper and gold in these proposed Alaskan mines. If they do so—and We have to take up non-violent arms to stop them—they will greatly disturb the natural eco systems that have taken hundreds of years to evolve in this pristine region of Alaska. This area is home to several species of Wild Life including: an abundance of bears, whales, seals, and eagles. Native Alaskans also live there and have fished for Salmon there for generations. Hundreds of area fishermen and conservationists DON’T WANT THE PROPOSED MINES THERE!!

Often we, who live in inner cities, forget that there are regions of our great Nation that have managed, through the struggles of environmentalists like Mr. Redford, Ms. Frances Beinecke [President of the Nature Resources Defense Council] and hundreds of other environmentalists throughout North America and other parts of the world, to work hard for a better, cleaner world. They help keep clean waterways, streams, National Parks, natural lands, and other natural wilderness areas the Way they should be: unpolluted, clean and an asset to those of us who like natural wilderness areas... Such places are of great value to our remaining Native Peoples and Indigenous Peoples, to the wild life that call such beautiful areas home and to those of us who are fortunate enough to travel to such places to visit them..

We still have time to act. Anglo and Rio have NOT been built yet. We can still write our congressmen, Senators, The President and First Lady, our local environmental groups and national environmental groups as Well and let our voices be heard. But we MUST take action Now!! To disrupt still yet another balanced eco system in this country would be a crime that we cannot allow to happen. The natural habitats are too vital to our natural resources as a Nation and our environmental stability must be saved, before it is too late.. Mr. Redford Called the proposal for the mines ``An environmental disaster waiting to happen.’’ He also said the proposed mines are set to be built ``at the very headwaters of our planet’s greatest wild salmon river systems: the Kvichak and the Nushagak [Rivers].’’ He went on to say that ``tens of millions of salmon course through this unspoiled Eden, feeding not just an abundance of bears, whales, seals and eagles but also the Alaskan Native communities that have thrived here for thousands of years, ‘’…

It is my HOPE and Prayer that you as members and leaders of government; community activists; concerned citizens; and those concerned with the Rights of Native Peoples and Native Lands will take all appropriate actions to halt the development of Anglo and Rio mines. Redford stresses that ``Nothing like this [This particular area in Alaska] exists anywhere else on earth.’’


There are a few things I want you to do as activists and organizers: 1] Call the Natural Resources Defense Council or go on line and make a small donation. Even if it is as small as $5. Long onto: www.StopPebble.Org Or call: 1.212.727.44.00

2] Call your Congress Person or U.S. Senator and demand that they do whatever it takes to stop the Pebble Mine.

3] Join the Natural Resources Defense Council to help them do the vital work they do as Environmentalists to protect our Natural Resources everyday. A membership of $35 Will help greatly in the work they do.

I thank you for the supports you have given me over the years and for your continued deep concern for the environment and the other social causes I have taken on over the 35 years of my work.

Cc: ThE Queen of England; Avenging the Ancestors Coalition; Native American Rights Fund; The President of the United States and First Lady; Congressman Chaka Fattah; Mr. Robert Redford; Natural Resources Defense Council [40 West 20th Str New York 10011]; President Frances Beinecke; AND U.S. Senator Robert Casey.

Personal Note: Having my own work to do aside from my work as an activists has cost quite a bit of money over the years. I added a personal request for funds from Mr. Redford to support my effort and I have let Him know full well what those works are. If you request a copy of the other letter I sent Mr. Redford you will receive it. [Write me at the 213 Address Above]. There was no direct payment of me as an activist for this particular letter.

**Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. is working towards a funding stream and is mostly doing research and development right now along with some direct advocacy work. We hold two current licenses with the City of Philadelphia. *The Black Millionaire’s Network is planning to attain an LLC status very soon.

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