Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Letter to Penn......

February 6th, 2014 Thursday

The President of The University of Pennsylvania

Doctor Amy Gutman

100 College Hall

Room 100

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6380


MR. Glenn Brian

Office of Government AND Community Affairs

133 South 36th StReet

The University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19104-3246

Brother Tracy Gibson

Philanthropist—Businessman—Activist—Proud Uncle and

Proud Great Uncle—Consultant..

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139

Dear Mr. Brian and Ms. Gutman:

I have written The University of Pennsylvania seeking employment before. I have never even received the honor of a return letter, a rejection letter, or an offer of a preliminary interview. This letter and my enclosed resume will be going on my blog, and the media.

I feel the University of Pennsylvania says publically it is heading east in its’ encroachment and expansion plans, but in actuality the university is heading West and Southwest.

The indigenous people who live in these historically Black communities have felt the economic brunt of the universities’ encroachment as their property taxes have gone up and as they have lost their properties to foreclosure. Unemployment, disease, police brutality, poverty, illegal drug trafficking and youth behavioral disruptions are only some of the problems that also encroach on Black communities, making a decent, ethical, joyful, constructive and happy life impossible to achieve.

While these problems have continued to expand, I have had my own personal problems while I have at the same time, attempted to address these community difficulties. I have had to live off of $1,178.00 a month [or thereabouts] for the last 17 years.  I have had to resort to eating with the homeless at Church Missions to save money and so I have funds to implant into my activism work; I have been harassed by having my phone tapped, mail tampered with and harassed economically through the banking system at any number of different banks. All executed and promoted through the the existence of the Federal Patriot Act I and The Federal Patriot Act II when, in fact I am by no means a communists, terrorist, or violent person, but, in fact, am a Peaceful, Pro-democracy, Human Rights activist with a 35-year work record of positive activities in Philadelphia’s Black community and in Philadelphia’s Black Gay and Lesbian Community.    

I, frankly, don’t   think the office of student Life headed by Mr. Brian has served a constructive, positive, progressive and effective role in helping students at Penn and indigenous communities get along and co-exists in a peaceful, joyful, positive, economically viable and on-going fashion. The relations between students, faculty, homeless People, indigenous home owners and other people in the community such as police, crossing guards, teachers, working people, clergy and activists--businessmen such as myself has been and continues to be tense, unbalanced, conflict-rooted, negative and troublesome for all involved.

Often, certain people in the community have the money and the financial backing to bumper themselves from any overt conflicts.  That DOES NOT mean such conflicts don’t exists.

There is a real and serious need to create opportunities, joy, economic support, Capital, jobs and a feeling of inclusiveness on the part of everyone concerned with or actually living in University City and the historically Black West Philadelphia.

There is a real need to create economic and social modalities that bring people together and create joy and harmony instead of allowing the smug encroaching and suffocating insanity of the university to exist on the one hand and the victimization and laza’ fair attitudes of the beleaguered Black community on the other hand.

It is my desire to interject a New and Effective Level of university and community interaction that will build bridges of Joy and hope in the face of the planned adversity—on the part of the university-- the indigenous Black community has experienced. The no-confidence vote coming from the Private Big Business and banking sector is very disturbing, ominous and obvious. If something more consistent, positive and hopeful is not planned and implemented quickly the result will, I guarantee, will be chaotic, unstable and not a joy to behold. I look forward to hearing from the President of The University of Pennsylvania and Mr. Brian’s office to set up a meeting and start flashing out plans to improve circumstances and situations as quickly as possible.

I look forward to hopefulness and I look forward to working with the University of Pennsylvania to stabilize the Black community and bring Peace, Joy and economic opportunity to more people who are surviving—but want to really thrive at the Table of Abundance--in University City and West Philadelphia as soon as possible.

Your cooperation is required; your ignoring this letter will not be met with a smile and business as usual.

Peace and Blessings,



Tracy Charles Gibson  

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