Wednesday, June 3, 2015

an open letter to the National Security Office & Others...........................

June 3, 2015 Wednesday... 
Dear Federal National Security Office; State Office of Child& Public welfare; & The Office of United States Senator Robert Casey ;
After the September 11th, 2000 Malay in New York, D.C. & Pennsylvania, I wrote a short e-mail note showing empathy for the terrorist & anger at our country for what I perceived of at the time as North American complicity in fueling the root causes of the circumstances  that participated the 9-11 violence that causes the terrible deaths of seven or so terrorists and about 3,300 North Americans. It was, on my part, a rash, emotional and wrong-headed mistake I made as a young man of 43. Since then I have ALWAYS chosen a path of non-violence& peace. I deeply regret the mistake I made and have spent many months feeling guilty for making such a rash decision.   Since then I have written and sent to opinion leaders a Peace Proposal for the Middle East; worked on creating an atmosphere of understanding and Peace in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods; & helped train a young gentleman on my staff to become a reliable, responsible & productive father to His small children.   Due to the perseverance of the Patriot Act I think I may be being harassed, especially economically for this mistake I made and for another matter I will describe here later. Is there any Way to determine if I have been pigeon-holed into being described as a terrorist, even though my work is peaceful, non-violent and has actually helped many People over the years?
On  another related matter, I was sexually abused when I was a child of about eight.  I know some People who are abused sexually end up abusing others. I never abused another person of child in my entire life.  What I want to know is if the government has trumped- up any charges in this regard and if they have in fact designated or ever designated me as a Public Enemy; a Public Nuisance; A public threat; or a Danger to human life? Have I ever been , through any legal means, listed as a child molester or child abuses on any federal, state or local list? If so I want to challenge this in  the courts systems because I never did anything at all to deserve such a designation.  Over many, many years I have been economically harassed at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars to me as an individual.  I need to know if there is anything that any such designation might have cost me such earning power?  If not it must just be a case of racial discrimination and / or harassment because I am a Black gay man? I would like to get a look into my public record and see what the legal complaints re against me and how they have manifested in legal documentation with the government.   
The sexual abuse left scars that it took 30 years of therapy to help heal. Recently I have signed up for a men’s group at the mental health consortium at 5501 Chestnut Street (They also have an anger management group I’m very interested in attending as well.). I have been in the care of Doctor Karen T. Jordan for the last 29 years. Before that I was seeing Doctor Alfred Harkley. (Both of these doctors are psychiatrists. ) I have had to take psychotropic medicine and it has NOT been as easy road for me and my family.  I was seeing Doctor Harkley for about 10 years, as well, before Doctor Jordan.  My psychiatric care is now being changed over to The Mental health Consortium in West Philadelphia.  Any Information you can give me or direct me to find about my psychiatric medical background and how it may have negatively impacted on my career and my dyer financial state would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached at the following Post Office Box; Phone Number ; or  E-Mail Addresses:
Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania  19101-2878
1 (215) 921-2065

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