Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New School for Progressive Black Thought & Black Achievement..

The New School for Progressive Black Thought & Black Achievement

We are formulating to bring a higher level of professionalism and seriousness to the Black student at a younger age.  We already have one inner-city student, Mr. Andre Paulhill, 27, of West Philadelphia—the Father of two small children.  What we are planning and doing right now is helping Him make money while going to school!!  This is what each and every one of our youth and young men and young women in prison should be doing instead of languishing in the detention system and not being productive.  Mr. Paulhill wants to be a barber, but He is getting a well rounded discussion of life lessons & teaching from the Ole head, Brother Tracy Gibson, 58, who has a degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University. But I am also learning in this process as well. Mr. Gibson has also studied at the Money School in Delaware, received a certificate in Personal Finance & a certificate in Entrepreneurship from The Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania [through a free community-based program with Professor Keith Weigelt]; and is presently studying financial planning through the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Program at WURD 900 AM Black Talk Radio—The voice of the community with radio host and instructor Keva Sturdevant. Mr. Paulhill has visited a City Council hearing to learn about gas prices and the profits the city of Philadelphia will make through new exploration in other parts of the state such as Western PA; has worked with a trained electrician; has helped feed the Home-Challenged [Homeless], at the Chosen 300 Church Mission on 12th & Spring Garden Street; has helped Mr. Gibson clean the Logan Square Park at 20th & the Parkway right across from the Main Free Public Library; & has talked with His teacher -- Mr. Gibson--  about business, relationships, & even had a vegetarian cooking lesson so He will be equipped to fully take care of Himself and His family.!! Mr. Paulhill will be taking books out of the Free Public Library on & studying about Becoming a Barber and Owning a Barber Shop—His core interests.

We want to expand on this program and are in need of seed money for financing.  We also need meeting space so Mr. Gibson can add more inner-city students to the program and pay them the starting salary of $385.00 every two weeks [they work about 20 hours a week.].!! We are writing the politicians; Opportunities Industrial Centers; the leading area universities like Penn, Drexel, Temple & Community College; the media;  & area ministers, Pastors & Muslim Leaders as well in a quest for funds, professional guidance, assistance & help  to fuel This For-profit business—Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated—an education, research & Philanthropic company which helps structure and financially support the New School for Progressive Black Thought.

It is our plan to train inner-city Black young women and inner-city Black young men to go on to major Black universities to study diplomacy, business, finance, engineering, the arts and sciences, journalism, acting, running and managing the music & movie business, becoming a professional talent agent, or do much better at whatever field the students choose to go into and major in during their college or university stay.

We need your support and it doesn’t matter if it is a small amount of money of some books [see our current & relevant book list], or some office equipment [we need number 60 cartridges, black & color, for HP Desktop f4480 Printer; black ink pens; 100 % recycled computer paper; and other office equipment we can keep in storage until we have a permanent office space. We also need teachers; cash for outreach and paying teachers and students, & for the general running of our programs and systems such as computer repair & business expenses.

If you want to give a cash donation: Please send postal money orders to: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia; PA 19101-2878; or call 1 (215) 921-2065; or write me at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com. Make all payments out to: Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated  & PLEASE put School Funding in the memo section.  ** ``Minority business set-asides, the program that originated in the 1977 Public Works Employment Act and calls for awarding a portion of government contracts to minority firms, is nearly as contentious. Research suggests that ``efforts to assist minority businesses in obtaining contracts with state, local and government bodies often help to increase minority employment,’’ according to University of Minnesota professor Samuel L. Myers Jr., who studies racial inequality and public policy. But other data show that there are less expensive ways to help minority businesses, including subsidizing   start-up capital—a huge issue for Black businesses—by waving bonding and insurance requirements and reaching out ``to local enterprises in communities with large minority populations.’ Isn’t buying Black a way to do just that—without spending taxpayers money?’’

**From Page 81 0f ``Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy,’’ By Maggie Anderson. Copyright  2012 by Maggie Anderson. First Published in paperback in 2013 by Public Affairs.
You assistance and patronage is greatly appreciated.    Please have a great day. This pilot program is an excellent idea for our Black colleges and universities to do. Pay the students and ask our Black communities for the money.  After all, even though we pay taxes, it is our duty to take care of our Black families & youth and create the jobs we need. Aren’t you sick and tired of begging Uncle Sam for money he should have given us decades ago? I KNOW I AM!! DON’T YOU AGREE!!

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