Monday, October 12, 2015

I Want to Thank a Home-Challenged Brother For...

October 12th, 2015 Monday Native American Day

By Anonymous

Who Was Ya Way?
Who Is Ya Way!!
A Leader, A Black man, A Fearless Black Man, A Courageous Black Man. He
Means no harm to White People. He Wants to help Black People learn and
understand how so-called Capitalism and Free Enterprise must be re-tooled, changed and modified to fit into the future. It won't be Capitalism any more.
I will be something new, fresh and truly democratic with true freedom and justice for all Her People.
We won't disrespect People because they are Black or Red or White or Yellow.
We won't allow People to make or hoard more than $25 Million Dollars a year. We will have full employment; decency (Which means different things to different People and needs to be worked out); and we can still have a party without going overboard;
We can still LOVe ourselves and our husbands and our children & our wives or personal friends or partners; Some of us will choose to
disconnect from tv, finding it too gruesome and lifeless.
We don't have to hate anyone at all.
LOVe will be all over the place.
The Police will no longer beat our Black children into submission;
and our Black schools will be private -- owned by Progressive, caring Black People -- ,and we will have the money to send our Black children to these superior schools. The public School system will no longer be a place where we send our Black  children like Ginnie Pigs to be experimented on. The People who run the public schools: Jewish People, Black People, White People-- will either run the public school system with pride and dignity and believe our Black children will, do & can achieve in these schools or we will pull our Black children out of these schools and let the entire public system collapse under it's own weight. Our Black children will be paid to go to Black colleges and Black Universities like Tuskegee, Spelman, Florida A & M, Lincoln, Chaneney, Fisk, Clark University & Howard University, and we will make sure our Black Children achieve. No nuclear wars; no hunger and indifference; no homelessness; no starving; no such thing as murder and riot because we will all have a part in our society from top to bottom. This is the world that Ya Way has taught me about and I Am forever thankful for the lessons of a homeless Brother, very attractive I might add, for teaching me these lessons in only a few words. I learned that the world does not have to be seen through straight White male eyeglasses. Thank you My Good Brother

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