Thursday, October 15, 2015

Peace & Righteousness Center

07] Peace & Righteousness Center – To be headed up by Sister Charlotte Harris of Philadelphia and to utilize Brother Tracy Gibson as a consultant / administrator. Many pertinent social justice issues will be researched here as well as strategies planned and implemented to bring about the most cost effective Peace initiatives for Peace on the Streets of Philadelphia and other large metropolitan area that will be in need of our services. Goals for city, state and Federal legislatures: Full employment with very solid and generous wages; reproductive rights; Black Gay & Black Lesbian rights included: full housing rights, the right to marry, & the right to be untethered in creating businesses & finding a mate); the rights of workers and Unions to organize, be fairly represented, & achieve good generous contracts; prioritize a good clean environment (water, land and air); the rights of women to be treated fairly in the home (day care paid for by the states where qualified women can hire family members to help with children); & women’s rights in the workplace (equal pay, an end to sexual harassment, and the exploitation of women);  economic rights for Black families, The Black Elderly and Black youth; useful & pertinent jobs for the summer for qualified, hard-working & properly attired Black youth;  an end to war (non-violence, the liberal use of diplomacy in conflicts in Africa & Asia, The Middle East, etc. ).  A Priority will be the creation of a Peace-Time economy for our country. A major National Black conference on Sexuality is slated for 2017 in Philadelphia. (Related information to come.).

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