Friday, January 8, 2016

Helping Build Up Decency & Fairness in the Middle East

Important Letter Rational:

I want you to join the Holocaust Museum and send them a copy of a letter stating something like this:

I Am joining the Holocaust Museum of D.C., not so much because I have so much pity for Jews, but so I can expose all oppression, especially that which happened to Black People and other non-Jewish People during the Nazi occupation.  Such information rarely gets into the public. Aside from Jews being tortured and murdered, there were Blacks being murdered and tortured;  Gays & Lesbians being murdered and tortured; Gypsies being murdered & tortured; and other foreigners being murdered and tortured by the Nazi menace. I strongly suggest you change some of your museum policies and make it so more of the other groups are represented.  I Am a Black professional, and I have almost always lived my life as one of higher ethics and inclusion.  I don’t like much of what our present President has done in regards to the State of Israel. I think, feel and know the State of Israel gets way too  much financial support from the United States when our public schools and inner cities go without. There is a crumbling infrastructure in the United States that must have jobs created for us to maintain safety and decency.   I think Israel would do better as an independently run free state with open borders for everyone including Palestinians, Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Africans Etc. An independent Board needs to be set up to actually run the country and leadership needs to rotate. There MUST be a shared and agreed upon flag and shared and agreed upon international policies of fairness, job access, inclusion, access to housing, and access to leadership and management. The Jewish people have proven time and again that they cannot lead Israel fairly, freely and openly. The persecution and discrimination of Arabs and Palestinians has been proven and documented. Jews have also suffered needlessly just so there can be an Israel / Jewish state. There MUST be checks and balances set up to maintain an incorruptibility in policy, fair policy creation, management and to make sure things are run smoothly, fairly and properly.  The influence of large amounts of money & the influence of Jewish people , or Arabs, or Africans or Europeans or others must not be able to have total sway in the region. Other countries in the Middle East & elsewhere should also be run in such an open & free  manner such as Egypt; Syria; Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Iraq, the U.S., North Korea  & Somalia. There may well also be other countries that need this free-state process in their management as well.  This is a fair and open solution and one that will dramatically decrease violence and terrorism in the region. U.S. trope movements in the region are not helpful to create lasting Peace, To create lasting world peace, access to jobs, access to education and access to a better life for everyone living there including women, children and men open and fair access to information needs to be mandatory and a proliferation of weapons needs to be outlawed. When the Security Council is abolished in the United Nations [the Security Council has historically vetoed U.N. policy that would have made a positive difference] a process will start that will lead to a positive solution. It is in that Spirit that I join the Holocaust Museum as a member. —It is my hope & prayer that World Peace, world Friendship; the saving of lives; the sharing of wealth, currencies and resources;  & the sharing of  cultural experiences such as dance, film, theatre, other mass media such as TV, Radio,  the internet, newspapers and magazines will create balance, openness and fairness throughout many parts of the troubled world.  Openly creating balance, Peace and ending the decades of hurt, violence and murder is a big job, and more Common People must take part. This is also why I’m writing this letter.  A very Common man once said something very simple, but true in regards to His own brutal beating by Los Angeles police ``Can’t we all just get along?’’ That Brother’s name was Rodney King. It is with Him in mind that I offer my membership at the Holocaust Museum and in with this work  I Pray for lasting Peace, freedom, economic & cultural sharing and maybe even a little LOVe in North Africa.  The process outlined in this important letter will lead to a safer world for People living in Brazil & Cuba as well as the United States & Europe & the rest of the world. But we all have to stop being afraid and get a handle on How to work effectively for World Peace.


Peace & Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson.


It is my hope that informed members of the General Public will also write such letters and send them to their political representatives and other leaders.

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