Thursday, January 7, 2016

Of bell & Lamont

Of bell & Lamont

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Thank you

From the bottom of my ashy Black feet to the

Top kinky hairs on my head

I thank you both for the words & thoughts

Of infinite wisdom you

Scrolled down over the years

Too often I couldn’t find

Time from my busy

Life as a Black activist

To hear you properly

An excuse as rotten

As week-ole figs

Now, I understand the deep-paced

Importance of our Black


Having spent time alone

With GOD in my small, but thanked apartment

She, God that is, has said we Black folk must LOVe our

Writers cherish them like fresh figs & fresh melon mixed with mint &

Raw Red honey == your words are yummy

The words you used over the years – Lamont Steptoe & bell hooks—

Have inspired Black multitudes

Someday soon I’ll have my company where it should

Have been financially a decade ago

& I will remember to reward you with the proper public gifts, accolades

& prizes,

But for now,

Know from the bottom of my bear Black feet

How much you are LOVed  Appreciated LOVed

As Progressive & even radical Black writers who hold

A Golden lamp before the path GOD has provided me for this Life. I Thank you.

And again I thank you.

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