Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Job Posting

January 7, 2016 {Thursday}

Statement to the New Mayor, Mayor James Kenney; & The New & Older City Council Members.

From Brother Tracy Gibson,

I welcome you into office with LOVing arms from a Black activist, a Man who LOVes GOD, and a Man who will do anything within reason to advocate for Black People, Black Children & Black elderly. I have talked to a lot of People about the new People coming into City Hall and even the most difficult skeptics say they have a warm feeling about perceived change sweeping City government and a warm feeling about things getting better for the most poor & left out.   I often find myself reluctantly in line at area soup kitchens at the end of the month because the money just doesn’t stretch until the end of the month and into the new month without a little help.  My Sister, GOD Bless Her, always chips in because She knows I have high bold pressure and can’t always eat the food from church missions which can be high in salt, fat and sugar and unhealthy for me.  Yet, as a Man of Hope and a man of GOD, I feel this life continues to be promising, enriching, an educational experience and I cherish each and every day GOD grants me to live and help myself & others.  I say help others because I’m often pressed into service to help others because it doesn’t just work for me on Martin Luther King, Junior Day only.  I have to help others, or my life’s mission is erased and my purpose goes unheeded.  I often put myself second like any good Black Earth Father such as myself, often does. I don’t have any blood relative children of my own. So I have taken on the insurmountable task of adopting each and every woman, man and child {including transgendered People, White People, Asian People, Gay & Lesbian People, East Indian People, Palestinians, Jewish People, Arab People, Native People & Black People—these are all Spiritually my children even though many of them are much older than me or much younger—or even the same age.  I feel responsible. Even if I have volunteered for hours, for over two months like I recently did with the Church of the Advocate at 18th & Diamond Street, for several weeks, even if I volunteer for the day and see a lady denied entrance to SEPTA because She is a quarter short, I will reach down into my pocket and give 25 cents, if I have it. Sometimes I won’t do this because the financial burden is just too great for me to allow.  I know How much it actually cost to run SEPTA. If I’m not mistaken, the Common’s Wealth of Pennsylvania has to kick in about another $5. every time someone takes SEPTA anywhere for a single ride.  That is a phenomenal amount of money even by today’s standards!!!! I know I have rung the bells for SEPTA several times before. I have written in about the daily heroism I see when SEPTA’s female and male drivers actually have to strap in riders who are disabled.  People have gotten used to being patient and waiting, but this is something People had to learn --   To be patient and wait for People who have a disability.  My particular disability is a behavior problem so People can’t see it. They call it a mental illness {Bipolarism with Schizophrenic features } but it has been more of a journey than a disability in my case. But all that aside, I want to wish you all the best. I applied for work with Mayor Kenney, but I have heard nothing yet. I have all kinds of qualifications including: years of college & a journalism degree; a lOVe for film; years of work in the entertainment industry (I worked for TV Guide Magazine as a listings writer for 13 years & for The Philadelphia Tribune for a year & a half); two certificates from a free Community Program at the Wharton School for Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania; a number of classes with the Money School in Delaware; Graduate level classes at Temple University and Jones International University; an extensive background -- spanning over 35 years --  doing activism work in the Black Community. (This has included successfully advocating that area pharmacies stop carrying cigarettes. The theory is what on Earth are pharmacies – a place of healing and health -- doing selling deadly cigarettes?  CVS was the only network of pharmacies with the courage to actually take cigarettes off  the shelves & stop selling them. I also advocated that socialist countries like Cuba and Russia NOT show off their military weaponry on May First, 2015 so as to not further spark a further U.S. and Western arms buildup.  I also devised, over six years, a Peace Plan for the Middle East {Write me and I’ll give you all the details}. Part of my community activism also included selling positive-message Tee-Shirts for Black families and others who have the courage to put their progressive politics on their backs. This was a test marketing program that went fairly well. One Tee-Shirt was a good seller for Black youth and Black families. I also financially supported and designed a program for a young Black man {27} which allowed Him to visit a working City Council session. We also went to the Liberty Bell, He studied electric wiring with a qualified teacher and took a vegetarian cooking class among other duties. He was paid a salary from my corporation. ). I also have a deep-rooted LOVe for media work; a good personality and a high level of social intelligence; a strong ability to be a team player & yet retain my strong proven points of view; contacts with civic leaders, religious leaders, community leaders and politicians in the City of Philadelphia; an ability to smooth over hurt feelings, negotiate, make things better for People & help them actually be included when this is the actual goal of the People in charge of a government at any level or any situation ; an ability to utilize money in effective Ways to make a lasting and on-target positive impact;  and a strong faith in GOD.  { I applied for work specifically in the Film Department  but don’t have a specific credential for such work}. I want to work as a consultant and Am in the process of filling out papers for disadvantaged and / or disabled workers.  I Am working to help the City discover and take full advantage of my skills and get full consideration and cooperation in this work matter from  Mayor Kenney.  I will send a copy of this letter to Mayor Kenney, Sister Jannie Blackwell, Brother Darryl Cark and others very soon. In the meantime, this letter will stand on my blog for the public to see.  There are over 500 articles on my blog so the public can see for themselves my own mastery of writing and check out my resume to see what qualifications I have.   {http://thePoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com }.  With this letter I Am working to create a groundswell  of  public support from the community {especially the Black community & The Gay & Lesbian Community} because I Am very familiar with these communities in much of my work.  I Am a fine addition to Mayor Kenney’s steam’in team. I will keep the pressure on because I’ve never worked in City Government and I feel this is a good time to start.


Blessings & Peace,


Brother Tracy Gibson

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