Friday, March 15, 2013

As the World Economy Changes: Our Economy...and Some New Dollars....

Our Economy is held together with Old Crusty Puppy Dog Tails and Toe Nails.  If you think you have seen the worst of the economic options, I think you are likely mistaken. My Brother in-Law, Doctor Keith Hunter, a Brother Who cares deeply about His family and ALL Black people, sent me an article recently that speaks to the International characterization of the economic woes our Nation and much of the rest of the world are facing; and how there is renewed lose of faith in the dollar; as well as movements in certain groupings of countries to create a new dollar bill for themselves and see How those dollar bills--completely different from the U.S. Dollar--are going to do on the international market.  Some of these country's groupings that are creating their own different dollar Bill Will include either Russia, Brazil and Cuba; or Venezuela, South Africa and or other parts of Africa and parts of Central and South America.  As I look back over my Internet e-mails I will find out more information and share it with you. More Later.

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