Monday, March 11, 2013

To Save Money... Do We Really Need that ``Cell'' phone.....

The ``Cell'' Phone--An Expensive Misnomer......

I have a good neighbor who is always losing Her cell phone. I had to write Her a letter saying are you sure you really need a cell phone--with all the added cost that are involved in that..... The White man has made us think we cannot do without the cell phone.  What did we do before they had a ``cell'' phone..... Aren't they just another pain in the ass with all the calls from friends who are really just back-biters, losers, and hangers on.... What are these people doing constructive for themselves like reading and watching educational videos and helping others..... I am constantly amazed at how people talk endlessly on the cell phone with nothing to say...  ``I'm coming home on the 42 bus'' well who the fuck cares.... So the fuck am I....  You will do better NOT to be bothered by your children for a few hours each day to give you time to talk with GOD and decide on something more healthy than MacDonald for dinner.  TRY COOKING for a change.... How does that sound PEOPLE!!!!!  It is a wonderful opportunity to get the entire family together for a really healthy meal that includes free-range chicken, [or just stir fried broccoli and snow peas and garlic in a little olive oil.] Or grass fed beef [if you MUST eat beef, which I recommend that you don't do]--but I'll compromise [not with My diet, but if you want to ruin your health and cost the government and the health care system millions of dollars, there is little I can do to stop you except maybe keep telling the truth.. Just go to the health food store like Trader Joe's at 22nd and Market Street.. [Good seeing you on the bus the other day, by the Way Gerald, don't forget to call me. I have some news for you... Call on my house phone because it is all I have] I went to Trader's Joe's to get something healthy--avoiding cheese--because I'm watching my weight.... and instead of sweat potato pie [which I love also] try a fruit salad and a glass of pomegranate juice, which is very, very good for you. I'm talking to anybody here. Yes good food is a little more expensive for you, but staying healthy is the best alternative for longevity.  It is best to live long and prosper and avoid movies like ``Star Trek'' and go see some Black and Progressive movies as well such as ``Nothin But a Man,'' available at the Free Library in West Philadelphia or how about ``Black Is,,,,, Black AIn't, by Black Gay Film Director Marlon Riggs--now that is a good one.  It is free--unlike talking on the cell phone....... Have you ever thought of how ridiculous it is that you can't even use a regular phone in a public place or in a hotel lobby..... I don't even know if they have public phones in the Public Library anymore.  Now that is something I'll have to write the Mayor about... On second thought I'll call him.. Stamps are now 46 cents.... did you notice the increase... did your salary go up too.... Mine didn't.....  GOD Bless You and Stay Well because I LOVe you,

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President and CEO OF,
Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878


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