Thursday, March 14, 2013

Creating A Better Game.... By Brother Tracy Gibson....

Creating a Better Game..... By Brother Tracy Gibson

What helps captivate the thinking and finger actions of young Black boys is their fascination with these abysmal, violent, Pentagon-inspired computer games. They help instill a violence-prone mind in our young men instead of help them on a road to helping our country--a country crippled by the billions of dollars it costs to run two wars [Afghanistan and Iraq] over an extended time and by the immoral and unethical position those wars have put us in internationally.[While the President is telling us the War in Iraq is over, the U.S. still has some 40 or 50 thousand military men and woman there facing emanate danger.] These wars have also put billions of dollars in the hands of war contractors and military profiteers and have left thousands of people killed or injured on all three sides. Have you ever seen someone with a serious military injury? I am suppose to go to a military veterans hospital and I have avoided it because I know I will cry at seeing the young men and young women with such devastating injuries. Theses computer games are a harbor of training for young men and young women who end up drone bombers and in training as paid assassins for the other horrible things they have to do to justify when the justify war.  War, hate, destruction and the use of other devastating tactics that bring on death, a lack of hope, poverty, starvation and and other human misery--there is but, there is no justification for them and I can tell you that........... I can't keep the game profiteers from making these destructive so-called toys, at least not in any Way that I know of. But I can begin a process, through the Private and Corporate sectors and working with people already in the process of working on such programs, work to create peaceful alternatives.  Wouldn't it be nice if such games as Grand Theft Auto;PS4; Destiny; and Sheik--just to name a few... had alternatives that were peaceful, educational and about creating constructive thinking in our young men and young women instead of destructive violent thinking?  [They actually have an ad for the Marines in one section of the magazine that comes to our house to advertise these destructive games and we don't even have a young boy who plays them living here.]  Black people know full well what is going on in America and are learning more all the time about how to create alternatives.
The media has us hood-winked on a rejuvenated ``Dallas'' TV show and we are suppose to forget that the brutality and coldness of that city is what took President John F. Kennedy away from us--possibly the only real Liberal sitting President we had since Franklin Delano Roosevelt [my contention is that even Clinton and Obama are Moderates at best].

We have to keep an open mind that things are and will get better and in fact are getting better.  The Mass media has a real and present tendency of focusing in on the negative when we need to be focusing in on the positive. There can be, will be and are possible alternatives to such violent video games. We MUST be receptive and make those connections about just how to get such items mass produced and to mass marketed in a sane and peaceful Way that makes the peaceful alternative available for the masses, even through bitter and negative competition that might exist at first. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE...

More to Come later...

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