Sunday, March 3, 2013

YOU... And the New Technologies.....

The New Technologies, An Old-Head View!!!

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

Have you thought about how silly you must look and sound talking on your cell phone all day... I know it is not easy to take part in something old fashioned like reading, but I have begun to try it, frankly with limited success. I still try. Sometimes I think we are just getting too attached to the very technology that was put here to help us. What I don't like is the fact that, in my humble opinion, there are just far too few Black and Latin people involved in the development of these new technologies. Are they making them really sensitive to our genetic and human make-up and who we really are as Black and Latin people... I'm concerned because far too many people of color [Black and Latin People] were and still are left out of the process when the technologies were developed. They, Whites, have a REAL tendency to take our ideas and make all the money and we somehow sometimes get left out of the process of getting rights, trademarks and copyrights. We get ripped off, is what I'm saying. I am also deeply concerned about all the talk and banter going on on cell phones when they may not even be safe. The corporate structure really pumped up the sale of the IPod and I phone. I mean people were spending $300 for a phone. [It is just a phone yall...] When I was coming up a phone was to talk on, not to get movies on and all these so-called apps. I think we need to get a life and really consider not buying so much of these items if we are NOT in the process of really determining what the actual technologies are in the first place. Another problem I have is the fact of the Kindal Book Pads--for example--and how they can, if they REALLY want to enforce the Patriot Act I and the Patriot Act II and the other bellicose National Security Act, --they can just say ``Sorry that particular book you want is not available...... Can I interest you in another.....'' We need to consider buying the actual titles of books.... Real Paper copies instead of investing in the Kendel System. I don't like the control that Kendel gives the system, the Established Order, the Oligarch. I think our college professors, leaders, activists, visionaries like you and me, and thinkers need to think long and hard about this. If you haven't seen Denzel Washington's movie ``The Book of Eli,'' I strongly suggest you see it as soon as possible. I hope you can think about what I have written here and let me know what you think... after you seeing it.

Peace Out

Brother Tracy Gibson

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