Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Will Smith.....

Dear Will Smith:

I don't know if the photos of you with the White chick are real and accurate.  It is NONE of my business or concern. I know you most probably don't like having your photos and your life splattered across the media like that. I know you want to maintain a wholesome and clean image for yourself and your family--even if you DID have an affair with the White woman. 

One thing I want you to know: The White-run Goliath Media has a tendency to run crazy with stories about Black male celebrities who act out and have affairs outside of their major relationship.  They go especially crazy if the major and or dominate relationship is with a beautiful Black woman, like you have and most likely cherish with Sister Jada Picket Smith--your wife.

Just look at the carnivorous behaviour of Barbara Walters as she stalks her pray like a crazy shark waiting for more blood to appear in the water as she covers Kanye West and that White woman of His.  And Kanye West doesn't even have a Black main squeeze like you do.  Barbara Walters is just totally out of Her mind.

I look back at the years you have spent with Jada and I am hopeful that you can clear this matter up.If nothing else, for the sake of the children.   I am hoping that the whole fiasco was not staged.  I know full well--as a career PR man--that sometimes celebrities stage sch events to get their names in the media--no matter what--when they want to get a Big Budget film ``Green Lighted'' like your ``Hancock II'' or  ``Bad Boys III'' both of which are coming up for budget review.  Why on earth you should have to stoop to something like that when you have one of the biggest names in ALL of Hollywood, I can't fathom for one potato.

By the Way, have you ever thought of doing another movie out on the limb like maybe a re-make of ``A Patch of Blue,'' or ``One Potato, Two Potato,''??  Our Nation is really suffering from a lack of racial understanding and racial sharing.  Different races haven't made any significant since we ALL got duped into voting for President Barack Obama in 2008.  We need a major motion picture to examine this racial thing in a Big Way.  I hope you decide to do so instead of just making another easy $20 Million Dollars by making ``Bad Boys III or ``Hancock II.''

{By the Way, I have to admit to you once again that the scene with you and Martin Lawrence chastising the young 16 year-old boy as He comes up to the house to take Lawrence's daughter to a date is possibly the funnest damned movie scene I have ever sceen. That is saying a GREAT DEAL because I have seen literally thousands of movies.}

I look back at your movie career and I know for sure that you LOVe our Black people.  I don't care how many White Women they catch you in bed with.  I also know for sure that you have done a great many things for the poor folks here back in your Home Town of Philadelphia.

I have one favor to ask.  I have a very hard-headed friend, a Brother, who lives near Overbook High School.  He is about to lose His house and destabilize His entire block if He doesn't get His house repaired with a new roof and heating system.  Let me know if you can help or point me in the direction of getting Him help.  He was a very good friend for about ten years, but we have had a falling out over this because I promised Him I would somehow get Him the money, but haven't come through as yet. Take care. Stay in there.  We LOVe you back here in Philadelphia.

With Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson.......

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