Thursday, November 14, 2013

Introspective Thoughts on Being Gay in North America....

It is not easy being Black and Gay in North America. Yes we are attractive and in ``Vogue.'' Yes we have sex and have fun and can, to some degree, enjoy our lives, especially now with the higher level of acceptance of Gay and Lesbian people in general. But underneath the parties, the bar scene, the entertainment industry jobs and the flashy new acceptance and the ``Gay Marriage'' issue in the headlines, there is a lot of pain that runs very, very deep and a Black community that is still unforgiving, harsh and often hateful towards us. But all that aside, I have to ask each and every Gay and Lesbian Black person in North America, what have they done lately to raise the ethical standards of yourself and our community? What have you done to be more honest in your personal and business relationships? What have you done to make your living as a faithful Christian, Jew or Muslim ring true, real and authentic with yourself [ourselves] and in the face of GOD? What have you done to be honesty with yourself about the issues you have that need clarification, study, thought and mental and emotional healing? When we do these things, this introspective homework, we will see our level of acceptance rise and even if we don't our level of self-esteem, self-LOVe and self-acceptance will go up significantly and that will cause the healing and the forward motion we have all been seeking.

I have been politically and financially and even socially ostracized for some time  for some of the views I havee.

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