Friday, November 22, 2013

wastefulness in the Black Community.....

There is a great deal of wastefulness in the Black community.  For example: we literally saved the United State's Coinyack industry by being manipulated into buying so much of the booze that we literally bought enough to ``save the industry,'' that many business people had all but written off.  We, as Black People, also spend thousands of dollars on cigarettes; illegal drugs and diet sodas--none of which are good for a Person's health and ALL of which have been mentioned in several health journals as health risks.  Our District Attorney in Philadelphia thinks it is a good idea for the laws on marijuana use to be relaxed.  He and many other Law-Makers say the use of marijuana could be regulated by the government and this would lead to less harmful chemicals being introduced to the ``joint'' and would mean less Black men in jail for illegal possession if the use and possession of marijuana were DE-criminalized.  I personally think that our youth especially need to be thinking clearly and not have their minds fogged with such chemicals that are even naturally in ``joint.''  We have to be on top of what we are doing and thinking clearly so we can face the world and the city with a clear mind--ready to take on problems and move into a brighter better future.  What do you think?  Feel free to write me at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com.

When we start to take back our money, save it, and spend it on books that are designed to help our community--such as ``Our Black Year,'' by Maggie Anderson--who spent years with Her husband doing research in the Chicago area about how best to spend money in BLack communities and what that means for our forward motion as a people, we will have really begun to make the progress we ALL, as Black People, really dream of, earn and deserve.

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