Wednesday, May 29, 2013

black seed

I Am A Black Seed…

By Brother Tracy Gibson…

I Am a Black Seed…

Tomorrow is a thousand yesterdays from now…

And A Thousands Tomorrows from Yesterday...

White Europeans feed off of My Soul…

They ate my ancestors alive

Through a process called slavery\or

The Black Holocaust

They don’t like to talk about it

We Live it

We are



And Angry

Because they are still

Profiting from

Monsanto and Wal-Mart

Taking and not giving

They are ruthless

Cocaine sniffing Wall Street Leaches

They are Advertising agents

Mad Men

Dreaming up a new scream

To get into Black Pocketbooks and Black Wallets…

They are trying to take away another

Generation of Black Children

To the Prison farms to make your

Clothing at $3. An hour

Child Labor camps

The Fascists and the Racists

Actually WON World War II

You don’t skip a beat from the corporate

To the street

You think you have us BEAt

I saw a Tee-Shirt some White T Was wearing

That said ``We beat your BEST’’

You haven’t seen Our Best

We keep them protected

This system and society needs to be

Deconstructed Pin in HAT…

You constructed it largely

Without us

It Is OZ; it is Maybelle i-liner bent out of shape

It is a cold brusque that has lost its taste

It is White rice and White bread with no butter

Not sustainable

It MUST be impeached

It is a fake

An Ole muffin

A Tin Can

A Tired Iron

A carpetbagger and a Gerrymanderer

You forgot to ask for, ignored and rejected

The Help of Black people and Other People of Colour…

You have planted resentment, hatred and greed

In your own mind

It will reap you benefits

Five times what your planted

You are weeds

We must take our seed away from you and

Plant it in fresh rich fertile soil elsewhere

Monsanto Will Not Stop Us--even though they steal seeds

No, not the cemetery variety

The cemeteries Will be filled

They will be filled with your people even your babies if you

Don’t stop teaching hatred, greed and a life that

Is un-attainable for most and un-sustainable for almost all…

We come in Peace,

But you press us towards war,

We will not be easily forced for a fair one

BUT You will soon find the Caribbean and Africa and North and South Vietnam

And North and South America and Latin America OFF LIMITS

For the type of ole world robber baron

Capitalism you want to inflict on people

People who are Now awake…..

We have warned you a million times

And you laughed in our faces and stepped on our toes

and rolled up

To the so-called legitimate bank of America

Awash in drug money and other

Ill-gotten gain………

Your time has come to an end…

OUR Time has arrived and will last for

17,000 generations....

If you are wise, you will join in this

fruit-bearing Liberation

It is filled with Peace, Wholesomeness, LOVe, Giving, Tables of Bounty,

Respectfulness, Peer-responsibility and sharing wealth and the day's crops

June Bug and Vanessa aren’t

Listening to M and M any longer

Mos Def please, a little Common…

A Little Roots, a Little of Wyn ton Marsala's

Hot Jazz

A Little Erica Badu

A Little Macy Gray

Our taste Buds May be poor for right now

But we are generating a taste for Classical

Jazz and The Lion in us Monk and John

Cole Train and Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn…

``A Tisket a Tasket a Brown and Yellow Basket’’

The White Basket is a basket case……

The wool was actually over your eyes all the time

You tried to sell us our own inferiority, all

Frizzed up Hollywood style, but

You ended up proving your own

Weaknesses and inferiority…

Who is your next Patsy—Obama is about revealed to the world

right about now

For what is He but

A Negative Zero…

You can’t lie yourself out of this one


I’m No Longer afraid to

Call Myself a Black Nationalist

And get the Community Education

I need to have the upper hand

Right Now…..

Right Now…

This Poem is in the Process of Evolving weekly

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