Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Un-Stuck From what is holding us Back and Moving a Great and Positive Way.......

A Getting Un-Stuck and Moving Forward Production.....

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

I was fortunate enough to get my credit rating increased by 200 points over the last nine months. I had to take the initiative and work at it. If you want to get un-stuck I need you to do a few things. Prioritize getting your credit rating up because a low credit score is at the root of many of our financial problems as Black and ``so-called'' oppressed people. [We are really, now, Liberators and the New Ruling Class--even though we still identify with being members of an oppressed class]. There are steps you can take and I am listing some of them for you here:
1] Start off the New Year by refusing to stay stuck. Call my friend Aline Wechsler at Consumer Information Bureau and allow her to help you get into a program to get your credit score for free and follow her program to get your Credit Score Up for the New Year, or better yet, DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!. You will find it easier to buy a house; buy a car; finance investment property; get a personal or business loan and any multitude of other advantages will come along much easier also. There is a cost for Aline's services, [ ABOUT $300.] but that is well worth the expense. She can be reached at: 1.800. 613.13.32 at extension 6870 / or call her direct at 1.954.623.68.70. [Call during regular business hours or later until 8 P.M. or call on Saturday from 12 noon to 7 P.M.]
2] Two young Brothers held a book signing at Giovanni's Room at 12th and Pine, on Saturday night, December 22nd, 2012 to discuss their New Book; ``Don't Just Dream About it... Wake Up! Awaken Your Inner and Outer New World...'' By Darien K. Marshall and Darius L. Jones. I Highly Recommend this book.....
3] ALSO: Get a copy of: ``The Money Class,'' by Suze Orman... I have read most of this book and it will change your ideas about money and how we look at money as consumers instead of people who are serious about holding onto money; saving it; having it in the future; and being ``well off'' enough to be comfortable.... An excellent book.... [Miss Orman's book does not look at the issues of REPARATION and how European People and their country's whole economic structure is based on capitalist racial exploitation.  These issues make the arguments skewed in our direction, but even Susie is NOT ready to deal with that in reality.  None-the-less, her book is well worth reading.]

4] Join The Black Millionaire's Network. [The BMN] Call me and I will tell you more about that. Membership is free until November 1, 2013.... I will tell you how to join and what some of the benefits are.  Look for information at church [Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia] and please read below about the BMN and how to reach me if you lose this e-mail. Phone: 1.215.471.64.94. E-Mail: BlockBoi75@yahoo.Com or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com
5] Pick up a copy of: ``The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, and Be Happy,'' by Bob Greene, who was a coach for Oprah. This is another life-changing book about diet, food, exercise, addiction and getting on with the healing process for yourself, your friends and your family. You might find it at the Library, but you should buy a copy and read through it as much as you like.  While Bob Greene is White, he has a good deal of advice that can help all people, especially those who formerly called themselves oppressed.

6] Pick up a copy of the thinner Oprah magazine for January 2013.... It is time for a Big Change and you don't have to believe me to know that. Oprah Magazine Writer Martha Beck is writing about it.


``May We Help You,''

``Imagine the Choices you'd make if you had no fear--of failing, of losing, of being alone, of disapproval,'' I strongly suggest everyone read this article as soon as possible. It is on Page 43 through 44 and on page 49 of the January 2013 issue of ``O'' Magazine..


Also, Brothers and Sisters, and my Transgendered friends, We want you to read about sugar from an expert in Oprah Magazine. You don't have to take My word for it. Read pages 81 through 83 all about sugar. It is in the January 2013 issue of Oprah Magazine.... An article by Stephanie Schomer gives what some Doctors think about sugar, how to avoid it, and what the really bad effects are and or can be.....

``The Sweet Low Down,'' gives you the REAL sweet Science on SUGAR....

``The Garden Variety'' by Katie Arnold-Ratliff with Photography by Marcus Nilsson describes a number of really great recipes that are vegetarian... including ``RED Cabbage with Feta and Mint'' and ``Cali-flower Cake''. Remember that Feta cheese is high in salt, so you might want to use yoguart or light sour cream.  Cheese is a fat and should be avoided at all cost. I know you might like or LOVe cheese, but you can control eating it as I have.....Your body will thank you.

Don't miss this exciting issue and don't forget to subscribe to Oprah Magazine. It is getting rather thin and even she needs our help and support.

Brother Tracy Gibson...

XXX As usual, don't forget to read what Doctor OZ has to say about health in his column as well...

Post Script: By the Way, Oprah was just thrilled by one of my writing colleagues, Sister Ayana Mathis' new book ``The Twelve Tribes of Hattie,'' It is reviewed by Oprah Herself.... She was deeply touched by this novel and very moved. The book isn't even in bookstores as yet. It is about 12 different character's life stories and how their stories interplay with the movement of Blacks from the South to the North in the 1920's and 1930's. [There is even one section on a character named Philadelphia.]

Get the Book. I plan to because I know I will enjoy it. You will to.

Brother Tracy Gibson.....

Philantropist / Reformer / Activist / Fund Raiser / Writer / Businessman

Founder, President and CEO of

The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty; exerting financial responsibility for themselves and their familes; aggressively buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart; saving money for positive use in the future; improving on their credit rating; sending our young LOVed ones to college, university or technical school; and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively as possible and as soon as possible-- with the proper financing--to bring on a day of Great Hope for ourselves and our community. This will not only be a Day of Great Hope, but a span of prosperity that will last 600 years--one Day at a time.......

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