Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Was A Day Dreamer...

Unlike many People, Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. did His dreaming in the Day Time.  I don't know what He thought about when He was asleep, but His dreams came to His mind and were expounded and worked on while He was alive and awake.

This should clear up some confusion about those of us who say ``He was just a dreamer.'' He wasn't a dreamer in the traditional sense of the word.  He thought of, devised plans, and worked diligently on His plans for makinig His day time dreams--His vision of and for the world, to come true with each and every little step and movement He made while He graced us with His presence on This Earth.
And as The Reverend Rutherford B. Hayes [ A Brother and fellow Activist from Texas on the National Board of the National Action Network] says: Doctor King was fighting against the ``Nightmare of Poverty'' up until His last day on our Precious Planet earth.

If we don't understand this basic concept about Martin, we will never understand Him and the important legacy and work He left us to do.


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