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Summer Jobs From The Oil Companies...

5-7-2010 (Friday)

Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del. 19720



Citgo Petroleum Corporation

P.O. Box 4689

Houston, TX 77210-4689

Dear Concerned Corporate President or CEO:

I have supported you in the past, and I think, now, there is something we can work on together for the betterment of our country. I am proposing that Citgo put forth an employment program for inner city youth this summer in the United States. If not this summer, how about for next summer? This will put needed dollars in the hands of our inner city youth; stem the growing tide of crime in inner cities by giving youth something to do over the Summer; and provide a needed Public Relations boost to your company because all oil companies are being looked on negatively as the big BP oil spill takes hold…. These are three positive things that will help all involved!!

This Summer Employment program will also help beleaguered cities with needed wage taxes and jobs. I am sure that Citgo can use the boost in Public Relations, even though your company has a solid record of helping the poor and less fortunate and not just worrying about your bottom line.

I know youth can use the jobs because there are few and far between jobs to go around in the communities across the nation. There will probably be only limited economic improvements by this Summer… People would appreciate the jobs and look on your company in a better way. The young people, both male and female, both Black, White, Asian and Latin, could certainly use the professional experience and the economic boost for themselves & their families. It would also build discipline in our youth…

The cost to Citgo would more than be off-set by the positive word of mouth; increased sales to a company that is trying to help the community instead of just profiting from it; and by creating better service to customers all summer.

Please let me know how I can help this idea become a reality. There is no time to waste. Young people could help with minor car repairs; cleaning auto windshields; pumping gas; cleaning the stations up and so forth and their work will pay off in an increase in sales, customer satisfaction and customer traffic.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible concerning this important matter. I have included a resume for your consideration.

With Honor & Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO OF,

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.

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