Monday, May 27, 2013

We Can Think for Ourselves Successfully...

What do I Mean?

I Don't Think there is any sin!! At least calling it that is not doing us any good. Good People are sane enough, tuff enough, level-headed enough, ethical enough and positive- thinking enough to think for themselves if they are Well read and have taken the time to educate themselves about their true history. They can lead themselves morally and ethically. The Bible, I believe, and even organized religion, can be used as a base and part of the backbone for our moral and social and ethical base, but We as Black people, and eventually ALL people, have the power to make our own decisions and obey the law and make the right decisions and not allow ourselves to be pulled down by what we believe are evil spirits, negativity and hatefulness.  The belief in sin has been twisted and turned about to separate us as Black and Progressive and Radical left people and pull the rug out from under us. If I may, I say, toss out the rug and the oppressive use of it and the concept of sin!! We can see through it and it is not helping us move forward… Stay truthful to yourself and your People.  Keep your word and listen to the least of us ALWAYS!!! Also: Listen to people who consistently make sense.  There are crazy people among us, but there are a lot of very level-headed thinkers as well who can help us go far.....

Tracy Gibson.

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