Monday, November 23, 2015

Brother Gibson's Resume


I AM--Brother Tracy Gibson - Consultant – [disabled] Businessman - Educator - Writer - Visionary - Organizer - Fund Raiser - Child and Youth Advocate-International Progressive Activist ; 760 North 41st Street, Apartment B; Philadelphia, Penn  19104; Phone: 1.215-823-9985; E-Mail Address: BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com   /   Mailing Address: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia; Common’s Wealth of Pennsylvania; 19101-2878


As my business becomes profitable and expands, I will find suitable work as a staff youth enrichment consultant;  youth empowerment consultant ; or  general consultant.


Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.; April of 2002 to the Present. {And Subsidiaries} Planning, researching, reconstructing, building my businesses and developing and implementing policy for our parent company [Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc. ]--a growing Public Relations, Research, Advertising, Community Relations, Black Community Advocacy and Education firm dedicated to and specializing in developing survival tactics for people of color [especially Black People] advocating for progressive causes in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Delaware, Wash, D.C. and other locations within the U.S. and points around the World; maintaining Our office space and staff; expanding on staff and train youth & young Adults as well as other job seekers in the community; generating management and leadership skills; selecting new office space set for construction in 2016.

EDUCATION [Summer 2015] A Seminar at WURD Radio 900 AM’s ``Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’’ Financial Freedom Series. Other Special seminars & workshops including at the Money School in Delaware [2008-2009] & The Wharton School [2014]. Degree: The Ohio State University, BA degree in Journalism, August. 1978; Also Attended Temple University & Community College.


I presently have a Blog: ``The Politics of Real'' which can be accessed by clicking onto: I have also written for several other publications including: ``The Black Star,'' ``The Leon Williams Journal'' ``The Walnut Hill Community Association's Newsletter,'' {I served as the editor for One year}; ``SBC Magazine''; ``Au Courant Newspaper''; and ``Male Box Magazine.'' From  March of 2001 to Present. Two new books are out now. Call to order.

OTHER JOB HISTORY: I have continually written a blog that includes movie reviews of several older and newer films and I Am a genuine film buff. I Am presently devising new ways to get more People into traditional movie theaters and to buy more videos through marketing directly to older film goers and video purchasers.  I worked in the entertainment industry at TV Guide Magazine: Manhattan, New York; and Radnor, Pa.  I Am also advocating for more intelligent movies that are adult in orientation.

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