Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Letter About the Health & Freedom Of Mr. Mumia Abu Jamal

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,

Founder (Disabled), CEO & President Of

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101 – 2878

1 215 823 9985

To: Mumia Abu Jamal & His Friends & Family & Supporters

In France, The United States of Native America & Around the World

And to Those Who would support His Causes, His Quest to Regain Good Health & Freedom.

RE: The Health Status of Mr. Jamal & How it Can Be Improved on; Should He be set Free from jail By the Governor of Pennsylvania (Tom Wolf) and the President of the United States (Mr. Barack Obama) as a gesture of Kindness & Concern to the Black Community.

Including: The John F. Kennedy Library; The Carter Center; The Robert F. Kennedy  Center for Justice & Human Rights; Wellstone Action; The Philadelphia Tribune; The Final Call;  One Step Away;  215 483 3900 (Mind TV; Independence Media – Channel 35 – call & demand coverage!!); The NAACP of Phillie;  The Association of Black Psychologist; The Association of Black Doctors (National Association of Doctors & Medicine); The Human Rights Campaign; & The Native American Rights Fund.

Dear Friends, Associates & Allies: I AM not generally, an ardent or tough supporter of Mr. Jamal’s and have done very little in the past to work for His specific cause. However, I know an injustice when I see one and this long-in-coming-to-a-decent-resolution case is making headlines again. This time it is because Mr. Jamal --  who was imprisoned for the alleged killing of a police officer after He was found guilty in a Philadelphia case that has in many legal and activist circles been  considered a highly questionable trial – Mr. Jamal has some health issues for which He is not being treated properly.  This is, once again, a gross miscarriage of justice, and once again has caused international outcry. Mr. Jamal needs treatment for a Diabetic condition and for Hepatitis C, either of which, if not treated properly, may well be lethal.  [There are an estimated 10,000 plus prisoners in the Pennsylvania prison system – women and men – who are apparently ill with Hepatitis C].  I was privy to actually hear Mr. Jamal speak over the phone a few weeks ago when some French activist came to town to advocate for his getting treated properly by doctors in the facility He is in.  Those French activists also had a scheduled meeting with the Mayor of Philadelphia.  Mr. Patrick Le HYARIC  of the European Parliament wrote a letter dated October 21, 2015 requesting a meeting with the Mayor and stating deep concern about Mr. Jamal’s health, His proper treatment, and His general wellbeing as He has been imprisoned for over  30 years -- often in solitary confinement.  There has also been mention of the quality of the food Mr. Jamal is eating ( and concern for other prisoners as well in this regard) and How that food can help Him to regain and maintain sustenance and good health. There is a concern that the food be improved on as quickly as possible.  For His condition, He needs certain medicines that are not getting to Him as far as I know at this point, and He also needs to see a doctor more frequently.  I attended an indoor rally for Mr. Jamal as an independent observer and as person concerned with the fair treatment and human rights of all People, regardless of skin color, race, religion, sexual orientation or sex.  Mr. Jamal, a Black Man, as I Am, was in good Spirits while He was on the phone, even though He has been separated from His family, His supporters & His friends for many, many years, & has apparently had to deal with all sorts of violations to His human rights, harassment and now this lack of health care.  As the President of the United States, Mr. Obama has taken it upon Himself to work hard on attaining health care for as many People in this country as possible. I Am sure He is deeply concerned about the health of Mr. Jamal and His getting the proper treatment and the medicines He needs.  I Am asking to go on record as supporting Mr. Jamal’s efforts to get proper treatment for any and all medical problems He has as well as proper treatment by a qualified doctor.  I Am putting several questions in the Mayor’s press office regarding this matter. I Will let the public know as soon as possible about what answers I get to these questions.  Mr. Jamal, who is now serving a life sentence because many People, led by Ms. Pam Africa and Ms Ramona Africa of the MOVE Organization in Philadelphia, successfully fought His death sentence tooth and nail for several y years.  If I may be so frank, I must admit I did not have the foresight or deep concern for this matter I should have had because I was engaged with other matters I felt were more important such as the rights of our Black often forgotten children; the rights of our Black youth to be more constructive & responsible North American citizens; the question of the environment and global warming; Human Rights, Free trade and open travel with Cuba; peaceful and better relations with and non-militarism towards Africa and Asia;  and the rights of Black Gay men such as myself to find work, adequate housing, food, & jobs. Many of these very same issues Mr. Jamal And The MOVE Organization have been concerned with for years as has The Friends & Family of Mumia Abu Jamal and other supporters of Mumia’s.  Please let me know How this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible so Mr. Jamal can receive the proper treatments for any health issues He has as well as see a doctor as quickly as possible. Being that He is up in age and of ill health, it would be a great idea for the Mayor of Philadelphia, The Governor of Pennsylvania , and the President of the United States to get together to consider the profoundly generous offer of releasing Mr. Jamal to His family so He can spend the rest of His days in decency as He was never given – many sources have insisted—never given a fair, balanced or non-partisan trial in the first place.   


Peace and Blessings,


GOD AKA Brother Tracy Gibson,

Building Strength through Helping Black families.  

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