Monday, November 23, 2015

Healthy Eating at Stacy's Pizza

When Ordering for good health from Stacey’s at 42nd & Market Street  in Philadelphia… Skip the beef steak sandwiches and the Chicken Steaks and order a salad:

**Get a Spinach Salad [ a regular is $6.65.—Don’t get the large] which is full of green vegetables/ ask for it with no croutons. Use either Thousand Island dressing * (If you are just starting a vegetarian diet; or Balsamic vinegar  if you have been a Vegetarian for a while. Other salads you might want to try include: Cesar Salad [ a regular is $5.25] (with no croutons and only a little dressing (which is invariably high in salt). Also: The Plain Garden Salad [ $6.25 for a regular] would be good (again ask for no croutons & Thousand Island Dressing or Balsamic Vinegar & a little oil.). You can also get a tuna salad or a turkey salad. Stay away from Chef’s salads with Ham or salads containing bacon. [See suggested reading at the end of this list of food from Stacey’s]. If you are just starting out at changing your diet, you might want to try a Shrimp Salad [$9.50 for a regular]; Or a Salmon Salad [ $9.50 for a regular]; Or a Flounder Salad [$7.95 for a regular]; Try Thousand Island dressing, but either have it on the *side so you can control the amount of dressing, or ask for only a little.].

There are a few other things on the menu from Stacey’s that I would recommend if you are just starting out on improving your diet. 

**Try a sandwich with turkey and no cheese of wheat or rye bread and have it with lettuce, tomato & onion. Have this with a salad mentioned above.

** Try some baked wings or even fried wings but only get three of them and have them with a salad/ or ask if they can make you a fruit salad [not on the menu.].

**If you ask for or are craving a dessert, get a slice of apple pie or chocolate cake, but eat it before the meal!!

** Other items to get include: broccoli bites $$4.50 [try to eat only five of the 10 or less]; Cole Slaw$2.75; or Steamed Broccoli $3.25[preferred].   Also, if you have the taste for something creamy & Pasta, first I have to say ask for wheat pasta, even if they don’t have it, you will have advocated for it and they will probably get it later.]. You can order Plane Alfredo [$ 9.95] or Broccoli Alfredo [$ 12.75]. Remember, such a heavy rich meal as Alfredo should only be ordered once in a whole like every six weeks or so.

** You might also want to order a Turkey Burger [$4.50] with no cheese. Take your own no salt ketchups with you to the restaurant or ask for it to advocate for it while you are there. If you don’t have no-salt ketchup, put only a little on it. Ask for a Veggie Burger, [with a proposed price of $4.50] which is not on the menu, to advocate for that.  

*** Ask for a Tuna Wrap [ $6.90 for all wraps]; Veggie Wrap; Turkey Wrap; or Greek Wrap with no Fetta cheese. Desserts were not on the menu, but I’m sure they must have them. Remember to eat dessert first!! For a drink get Spring Water or Cranberry Juice [Spring Water preferred].

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