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Letter to The United Negro College Fund Monday November 16th & Tuesday November 17th, 2015

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About: A Letter for The United Negro College Fund November 16, 2015 Monday

1805 7th Street North West

Washington, DC 20001

From, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101 – 2878

1 215 823 9985


Dear College Fund Executives & Leaders: I AM phenomenally impressed with your history.  The hard work over the years to raise money and financially help some of the most crucial institutions in the world as far as building Black minds are concerned has been your mantra. I Am of course talking about the building of Black Colleges & Black Universities & financing them with scholarships for Black students. You may recall, several years ago that I wrote you and said I wanted to raise about $3 Million to $5 Million Dollars for your various institutions. I Am struggling to make ends meet and actually barely have groceries for myself, but God makes a Way when there is no Way, and I AM a Black Gay man who believes totally in a God, a Creator and Jesus – who was, I believe, a Black African Ancestor.  I have an extensive background of building myself up mentally and now, even more so, physically and overcoming challenges, difficulties & roadblocks.  I think a lot and I do a lot and I LOVe Black People. I tell my friends that having been in therapy for over 30 years is like having God give you a Bright Red package every day for you to open—inside is life & its gifts and challenges. I cherish every day and hour He gives me and I LOVe all people.  Even those you might consider enemies of our Black Community like Clarence Thomas or George H. W. Bush.  It has taken me years to be able to say that. It has not been an easy climb. It has not been a crystal stair – if I may Quote ``Mother to Son,’’ by Langston Hughes—My deceased Aunt Enid Winston’s favorite poem. [Aunt Enid was a School teacher for years before She retired from the Philadelphia Schools; other educators I know who are currently in the School Administration include Ms. Yvonne Jones, Ph.D..]  What I want to talk to you about today is not easy to describe. I want to privatize our school system in Philadelphia and across our Nation—a Nation I now call ``The United States of Native America’’ out of respect to Native People. [I know there is a great deal of evidence and research showing that Black Africans were here – in the United States of Native America-- even before Native People, but I’m going, right now, with what is accepted history, you know, all the Columbus and Thanksgiving stuffing.]  I want Progressive Black Communities of People including Progressive Black educators, Progressive Black school administrators, Progressive Black students, Progressive Black parents and Progressive Black clergy to be part of this idea, plan and package deal. I want them to be in control of these schools, not White corporate interests who want to make dollars off of our children. There needs to be some kind of system set up that designates leadership and administration of these schools from concerned, LOVing & caring Black parents, concerned, LOVing & proven Black community activists; concerned and loving Black administrators; and concerned & loving Black teachers, etc. One idea I have is to track students from third grade into Black colleges and Black universities. This would ensure them a spot in school and help provide the money for the students as parents are thinking all the time about that spot for Jason’s daughter at Spelman 10 or 15 years from now.  *(I came up with this ``third grade’’ idea because there is a chilling statistic that says the Prisons and some states in our country actually have decided that as third graders fail to perform in reading test and other such standardized test places are being built for them in new prisons. In the near future I will actually find the quote from where this information comes from.).   I also envision seeing our Black students, as they go off to Black colleges and Black universities; I envision them getting paid to go to school along with scholarships, book money, and money for room & Board. If Black Lives Matter, let’s make them really matter by educating our children properly and with fortitude.  This is my vision & I think many other Black Progressives have similar visions for our children. How do we make this real? Please write me and let me know How I can start to raise that $3 Million to $5 Million Dollars for the United Negro College Fund. I want to get started right away. But I would like to get paid a sum for research, writing, twisting arms gently, and making this all work.  (I plan to start really small and eventually get some celebrities as well.). I can start with a small party of friends in Philadelphia and I’ll need a representative from the United Negro College Fund to attend. Let’s make it on February 28th, the birthday of a student of mine, (who doesn’t write me like He should).  I have some sway and pull with some celebrity types, that I AM hoping pays off in the near future.  Feel free to contact me very soon with your ideas and let me know if you can send a College Fund representative down here for the informal meeting on February 28th as we celebrate Liam Spady’s Birthday (He will be 18 and wants to go off to Chef’s school). {I also want to see Black children attend private schools from kindergarten through the end of high school. Really good private schools that will again be run by the Black people I mentioned above. I think Mr. Kenny Gamble here in Phillie has the correct idea. There are others in Phillie as well including the Math & Science Charter School on North Broad Street & the Harambe Institute. Home schooling may be a viable option as well.).  [Please let me know if there are any good Chef’s school in the Black College and Black University network.].

Reach me at the contact points below,

Peace & Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson,

Businessman (Disabled) / Fund Raiser / Philanthropist / Proud Mentor & Uncle of four.

President, CEO & Founder of

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101

(Where Black Lives Matter & get Educated Properly).


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