Monday, November 23, 2015

Try the Healthy Food at Axis Pizza Cafe & Salad Bar 36th & Chestnut Street

Axis Pizza Café & Salad Bar

20 South 36th Street; near 36th & Chestnut); Open 24 hours; 1 215 382 2199

Free delivery;

ATM on premises for American Express; Master Card; Visa & Discover Card

(Cash is accepted & preferred by Progressives. If you don’t have cash, perhaps you should do without until you do have cash.)

Things to Order that are healthier than many of the other menu items.

Always order small items. Order items with wheat, Rye or Pumpernickel bread, or if they don’t have this alternative, throw at least part of the White bead away (not good for health).

Vegetarian Pizza  [$10.75]

Vegetarian Stromboli   [$11.00]

Veggie Burger   [$5.05]

Turkey Club sandwich with no bacon [$7.95]

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap [all wraps are $7.95]

Tune Wrap

Chicken Finger Wrap

Cole slaw [$2.45]

Onion Rings [$5.45]

Jalapeno Poppers $6.00]

Eggplant Parmesan [$8.25]

Veggie Quesadilla [$7.45]

Chicken Quesadilla [$7.45]

Grilled Chicken Spinach sandwich (no feta cheese) [$7.50]

Grilled Chicken & Broccoli [$7.00]

Chicken & Portabella Mushroom [$7.00]

Buffalo Wings (10) $8.50

Get the celery & eat that if you wish, but tell them you do not want the Blue Cheese.

You can ask the Kind Ladies & Kind Gentlemen at Axis Pizza to make you a salad. Avoid Blue Cheese dressing (high in salt); avoid pepperoni; avoid cheese (high in fat content); avoid croutons (White bread is not good for you); avoid Caesar dressing(it is loaded with salt)   ; Try instead; Honey Mustard dressing; Plain Vinegar; Balsamic Vinaigrette; Olive oil;

Things to Avoid with meats: avoid bacon; avoid ham; avoid roast beef;  Try Tuna (there are now verities that have been made with less mercury) ; Try Grilled chicken (ask if they use free range chicken. If they don’t you might want to try something else).  Skip the dinner rolls & skip the White Pita Bread. Avoid White Bread (for health reasons).

Instead of a Milk Shake Try Spring Water or Pomegranate juice with no added sugar’ or Cranberry juice with no added sugar; Try an Axis Club with no bacon; have a tomato omelet or a Spinach omelet or a mushroom omelet with no cheese.

Avoid traditional foods for breakfast like pancakes; French Toast; bacon; & sausage. Try a fruit salad; turkey bacon or turkey sausage. Try a Broccoli omelet (varying prices).

Avoid soda all to gether & try Spring Water.



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