Saturday, November 28, 2015

Where do you get your hair cut?

Where Do You Get Your Black Hair Cut?

Wealthy to be, I AM among them: The Black Barber Shop is one of the last bastions for Black men to reveal their problems, talk about sports and just enjoy themselves legitimately with other Black men. Black men who go to Asian Barber Shops just to save money, I have never understood them and I never will.  I would rather go to a Black Barber any day.  I choose to go to the one in West Philadelphia that only cost $10.00.  It is where the future Black leaders go and where the future Black wealthy & Successful go.  I Am among them. Call Brother Anthony Gilbert and make an appointment to get your hair cut. He is a qualified professional barber who care about our Black children and our Black community. Call 1 267 788 5704 and tell Him Brother Tracy sent you.  It will help me get the word out that I Am here to help our community. (I would give the Brother at least a $2.00 tip & relax and enjoy getting your hair cut.  He is at 27 South 62nd Street.  Make an appointment or drop in, but call first. He is also a caterer.

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