Thursday, March 6, 2014


An Open Letter to Michael Jordan and Tyler Perry.


Are you two fellows still shopping at Finger Hut.........  It all boils down to a chicken in every pot. By the Way you should know I have a chicken boiling as I write this. I spend time teaching my people how to fend for themselves and do for themselves, not beg--but instead forage through the tough inner-city terrain for ability to solve their own problems, attain the proper education to get jobs, and move forward--not asking others for money who have successfully foraged for themselves. As Black People lay down their OUTDATED armaments of protest, demonstration and demanding money and resources from politicians who are in pocket of financial leaders from other communities--namely White Center City, Jewish and Asian interests--it is time to change course & think. We must realize the Clinton's were not joking when they said ``It's the Economy...'' Reality sets in.

We as Black People need to stop playing Hockey with broken sticks. This hockey is not OUR game. We, as Black People, are much better at Football and Basketball. We need to leave Hockey--the public sector and solving our problems through politicians alone--we need to leave hockey alone. Let's get on our Football and Basketball gear and Win one for the future of our children. While hundreds of Black Parents fight year after year for better public schools--finding their fight as futile as building sand castles in torrential rain--wealthier Black parents send their children to top-Flight private schools and ensure their children's Place in a secured, comfortable, private-sector future where jobs pay upwards of $80,000.00 to $300,000.00 a year & include lavish corporate benefits, an expense account, use of a corporate jet and networking with hundreds of other executives who have similar goals & aspirations.

Certainly, the Private sector--Big Business, Modest-sized businesses and small businesses are part of the solution when we as Black People manage to keep our Progressive & Revolutionary political Goals in sight as we build sustainability and community cohesiveness into our motto and corporate mission. It can be done. Most Black People in Business small businesses located near where they live. Such businesses can be linked together to save money and buy marketable goods in bulk, wholesale to save on overhead costs. But it is precisely involvement from Black People with their inherent concern for the Black Community's interests that will help bring the private sector more in line with the ultimate perfection that we all seek, but that has remained elusive. The more Black People involved in Big Business, or any business that we can help in setting the tone for and bring forth our own ideas about ethics, fair play, justice, equality and the sharing of wealth and resources--this is specifically part of the African Community-hunter-gather genome. But we have to be more bold and forthright about what we believe and the justice inherent in what we believe. We can't just stand up when it is easy among our friends. We have to talk about what we believe even when people outside of our little so-called clicks are present. This should NOT be viewed as a threat to the established order or Status Quo, but a means through which the powers-that-be effectively negotiate and lay down a Peaceful Path to walk on that is rooted in a positive reality that leads to bounty and prosperity for this entire world and ALL Her people.

We start by being real with ourselves and end the game-playing.  We start by listening to our elders as much as we listen to our iphones and ipads. We start by dealing forthrightly and openly and honestly with our addictions and overcoming them on a daily basis.  We start by ending the silliness of being fearful of getting the help and therapy we need. We start by taking responsibility for the children we have and helping our youth understand that it is best to have children when we are in our 30's instead of our teens and 20's. We start by bringing ALL our members of the community together and not leaving out the Muslims; the Gays and Lesbians; the Quakers; the left-handed people; the academicians; the disenfranchised; or those who have a record of homelessness, foreclosure or a criminal record.

Our Black disenfranchised People--at a point right now of almost foraging for food to feed their families--often want a better life, but don't understand--sometimes because they are continually lied to or continually lie to themselves--they don't understand the Way to attaining this life is through quiet, consistent study of books like: ``Top 100 Careers without a Four-Year Degree'' by Michael Farr--not in the long line to buy lottery tickets, the line to buy bar-B-Q Potato Chips, the line to buy 40 oz. beer, the line to buy a cigarette and -- I have to say it--breaking The Ghetto mentality that says we can't do the best for ourselves when we have a good record of doing just that. Our productive, faithful, dedicated, and positive-thinking record is not shown to us on the late night news. This is what is keeping us back. It is not necessarily our own doing all the time, but we must get on board of helping ourselves and our fellow Sisters and Brothers instead of backbiting, being negative and not thinking in terms of broad solutions instead of ourselves only.  It is not our lack of ability or our lack of willingness that is the real problem. It is our leaders' lack of ability to not take the O-Key-doke money from outside our community.  Was it really worth fighting, in the 2012 election cycle, fighting the Republicans over the cost of a $5.00 annual National Voting identification card when many people of little means spend $80.00 a month on well-advertised lottery tickets that have VERY LITTLE IMPACT ON SOLVING THE FORMERLY SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS OF OUR BLACK COMMUNITY? WHY COULDN'T WE GET THE IDENTIFICATION CARD AND SET UP A FUND FOR PEOPLE WHO JUST DON'T HAVE THE MONEY AND GET ONTO IMPORTANT ISSUES--all of which can be solved within our own Black Community with and through the development of a better value system, the support and development of our Black Businesses, and quiet surgical boycotts of stores and businesses that either won't hire Black People at a Solid Wage or who serve interest easily defined as totally opposed to those that will move our Black Community forward in a positive, proactive and on-going Way.
Basically we must think more positively and never give in and give up on good values, family, and what can help the entire community as opposed to just giving into forces that only want to hold us back and never let us move forward. I am sick of being held back and I can see those o-key-doke forces more and more plainly and clearly each and every day.  I can only speak for myself, but I'm angry about it when I see our children in school expected to not achieve; when I see our Black males fall victim to crime and police intolerance; and when I see us giving up and just laying back with a 40 oz beer instead of getting the backbone and stamina we need to work with each other in a positive Way to bring on the Bounty and plenty we all deserve.
It is obvious that the established business order is not interested in refurbishing the inner cities--or at least that is what we see right now.  We need to take on this duty ourselves.  We can do it because there are progressive Banks now and Black Banks and Credit Unions that will help.  Linking these forces together in a positive Way and forging ahead will not be easy, but this is doable.  I hope you will contact me if you want to do such work.  I have had an advertisement in the BLack Enterprise magazine for about four years, in such an effort to do just that--and things are running on schedule.  If you think it has been easy, I have another story to tell you--it has NOT been easy.  Write me with your community-owned ideas and I will link you up with other forces who are doing other similar things. This is an exciting and wonderful time we live in.  It can also be a bit different because people have fear.  But we can rely on each other as Black People and on the Strength and Power of GOD, the indigenous among us & our Ancient African Ancestors for strength and the ability to see a new DAY!!

Much Peace and Many Blessings,

.Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of:
The Black Millionaire's Network:
Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19101-2878
Phone: 1.215.921-2065.
This Letter is Not Complete and fully edited, but Will Be on May 30, 2014.....

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