Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is It Is a Wonderful Life........

I was thinking about the end of `It's a Wonderful Life,'' the Christmas film folly starring  Jimmy Steward and Donna Reed and centering on a small town  in North America in the 1940's that almost goes haywire when a rich City Father steals $10,000.00 or so from an up and coming, bright-eyed Stewart and his family.  The funny thing I finally noticed after all these years of watching the movie at Christmas time,  over and over again, is that ole dude got away with not paying back the $10,000.00!! He never seemed the worse for ware as far as his conscious was concerned.  That was the People's money and was well a seed that could have been used to plant the hopes and dreams of many people in that small community.  Frankly, it is like How we saw the North American Banks get away with a Billion Dollar plus bailout here in the United States and still the People--after suffering foreclosures, and joblessness up to the gills--are just making some headway about getting some jobs and needed support for Black youth, Black men and other sectors of the community that is so crucially in need of Progress and forward progressive movement--especially where economics and business development are concerned.  It was NOT such a wonderful life for the Common Man in that ole Hollywood Classic, and it has yet to be for the Common Black man in North America. The Natives are--understandably--getting very restless.

This article is still being worked on and will be corrected by Friday, March 21st, 2014.     

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