Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An Open Letter to WURD Radio 900 AM

An Open Letter to: Sister Sara Lomax-Reese,
WURD Radio
Delaware Avenue
March 1, 2014 Saturday

From: Brother Tracy Gibson
Philadelphia, Pa 1.215.471.64.94.

Dear Sister Lomax: I Hope and Pray you are having a great week. I want to first thank you and the incredible staff at WURD for the wonderful work you all do in helping our Black Community to think in a more advanced, Positive and Progressive manner and Way.  I want to suggest a few things to the radio station and its' Board. One is to start a message  call-in system where, for a fee, business-minded Brothers and Sisters call in to have reminders e-mailed to them. The other is very important. I would like us as Black activists to do something important and long overdo--some long-term planning. I know we, as a People, have, for a long time been reactive. Something happens like a Black child gets killed by the police and we re-act and have a protest, a court hearing and a demonstration. But what has really, basically changed? What about sitting down and talking to leading police officers, city council People and the Mayor about reaching agreements about how our children are to be treated in any and all circumstances by police authorities? What about some of the other problems we are having in the community like a real lack of ownership of factories in the City of Brotherly LOVe; A lack if ownership of a solid business area designated for Black People so we can be decent human beings and shop and support ourselves and have our own stable and on-going economic foundation and base? [Without this we will continue to flounder and never get our goals met. The Politicians are not going to adhere to our wishes and demands without this. I and others are proponents of Black Business People  and Black vendors having 52nd Street as such an area for Our People.] When we have an officially designated area for our People to support ourselves economically, we will have a base of economic support to grow from and solve our own problems instead of always relying on City Council and the Mayor, who may or may not be as responsive as we would like them to be, depending on how much financial support is available. I hate to mention names and be critical, but Reverend Al Sharpton is great for re-acting to a ``hot problem'' and channeling every body's excitement, but what is being done to examine the root causes of our problems and finding lasting, systemic and effective solutions? This, I feel, is really needed. Long term solutions and long-term planning for systemic, critical and even ``hot topic'' problems... This is how we begin to solve our problems in a Way that lasts generations. For example: Our young People need a common, safe place where they can get together, talk and interact positively and peacefully with some of the older people in the Black community. Take off the ``hot button'' cell phones and ipods and slow down and listen to some Black Elders who have been around for a while and can give reasonable advice that is proven through time and effort to move us forward and help us all, while creating peace, harmony, understanding and a stronger financial base for us to grow from... Such a growing, positive financial base would also be helpful for us to grow and develop our business ideas and generate success stories from.  This is a real and proven solution for many of our problems. This simple process would begin to really take away some of the ``heat'' from our problems and begin a healing, rejuvenation and restoration process that will go very far in us helping us. When I was Vice President of the Walnut Hill Community Association, [Walnut Hill reaches from 45th Street in the East to 52nd Street in the West and from Spruce Street in the South and Market Street in the North.]. At Walnut Hill we were working towards just such a program of cross-generational sharing to help build stability and healing within our community. As far as I know it never got off the ground. I am willing to come on the radio [As A Black Same Gender Loving Man or Black Gay man and community organizer] and discuss solving our problems in a long term manner. This is crucial for us as Black folks because otherwise we are just putting our fires out with a leaky, rusty can of water. I know we can do better than that!! When we build our own Black economic base that is looked at with enthusiasm by the larger community in Philadelphia--looked at as a job creator, a center for self help and self reliance and not just looked at as a threat--we will have championed the real North American dream and made this long-overdue dream a reality...  One other problem that needs tending to is the fact that community activists such as myself, have to work with literally no financial support. I work about 10 hours a day because I often stay up late at night working--sometimes less, sometimes more.  I am very dedicated to the work I do and I enjoy it, but it is often very difficult without financial support to buy things like computer cartridges; pens; recycled paper; reference books that are not available at the library; and pay for rent. It is very difficult to make it on the little money I get in disability payments from Social Security--and about $400.00 more dollars a month is totally legal and will be reported to Social Security Disability by me....  Not having enough money for the vital and significant work I do--work that often has national and international importance--is very frustrating.  I have written Black Male and Black Female leaders before about  presenting a formula that will create a financial reality that feeds into our Black activists community in a positive and on-going Way so our important work can get done easier.  I am not only advocating this for myself, but for ALL Black activists who have proven themselves and proven their work to be effective. Please let me know if there is anything at all me or my company can do to make these ideas realities.  My father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, was a workaholic and I am afraid I have turned out similarly.

Much Peace and Many Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer:
Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. And:
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878
Phone: 1.215.471.64.94.
I Am a Fine Uncle and a Fine Great Uncle, and a  Successful Businessman, Philanthropist, and Writer/Author.
I do Public Relations, Research, Education, Advertising and Advocacy for the Less Fortunate....of ALL Races... And the Black Community Specifically...

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