Thursday, March 13, 2014

Job Ideas and a Source-Book for People WITHOUT A four-year DEGREE.....

There is a book available at the Free Library called Top 100 Carers Without a Four-Year Degree: Major Jobs in Many Fields Eighth Edition by Michael Farr.

I think this book will be and is very helpful for Brothers and Sisters looking for work, but who may not have the sophisticated qualifications some employers are seeking.  Not ALL employers are seeking such so-called ``high level'' qualifications.  Some employers are seeking honest People who want to work for an Honest day's pay. Some Employers have Ways to determine if you are an honest person or not.  Those Ways might be seen an unconventional, or conventional.  When they get hold of an Honest, hard working, decent Person, the last thing they want is to lose that person as an employee.  Word tends to get around among People who are members of Professional Clubs and Associations; Up-Scale Health and Fitness Clubs; and other social gathering places where employers congregate such as up-scale restaurants and bars; and Country Clubs.  The key here, is to stop the game-playing and look in the mirror and fess up to the things that are wrong in your background and find Ways to heal, or get the help required to heal and move forward. [See the section on getting help for more referrals.]. If you are serious about wanting a good-paying job, I hope you will take out the book I have mentioned above at the Free Library and give it a good look-over. [Better yet buy the book at the Gallery.]. I am mentioning here only 15 jobs that are possible careers for People who don't have four-year degrees. There are many, many other such jobs listed in the book.  Some jobs you might want to consider getting needed training for are: Communications Equipment Operators; Human Service Assistants; Stock Clerks; Order Fillers; Writers & Editors; Photographers; Office Clerks; Actors, Producers & Directors; Secretaries; Administrative Assistants; Real Estate Brokers; Sales Agents; and Reservation Assistants; Transportation Ticket Agents & Travel Clerks. Often it is NOT the fancy degree with African Math and Ethiopian science that is the really good job.  It is the job that is able to bring out your good nature, your good qualities and your good character that is of most value to People doing the hiring and doing the looking for good, stable employees.  I hope you will take the book mentioned out and stop being an iPhone listener so much and try really working for a change. I know school is not easy and I also know some of our young people and not so young people are addicted to many different chemicals sometimes--but these things can also be overcome.  You will find it quite rewarding to make a check that is honestly earned.  Put some money away.  Just a few dollars.  In the next few days, I'll write about how to get some more qualifications through a process that is free and actually exciting and interesting--if you let your mind relax and enjoy the process instead of getting caught up into thinking you or I are supposed to have the diamond rings--bling-bling--and golden watches of our fellow workers who are rap stars, high-paid actors or high-paid singers.  That life is not for everyone and can include grueling, hectic work schedules that are very difficult to keep up with, raving out-of-control fans, contracts that are difficult to read and understand and designed to rip people off instead of help them become wealthy; and high-priced lawyers who are taking money from you before you even get a chance earn it.  I want you to call my business number and find out how to send me a resume for a legitimate, well-paying job in the Black community, or help in going back to school. 215-471-6494

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