Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Willow and the Role of ``Annie''

For some strange reason, Will Smith and His lovely wife Jada Pinket Smith seem to have struck a nerve by seeking producers and funding for a new version of Annie staring their daughter, Willow Smith.  The racists came out of the woodwork first.  In a strange way, I just didn't expect it--even though I can be a negative thinker and not have much hope and respect for people of European decent sometimes [not always mind you].

I didn't think much of the idea myself at first, because the songs and lyrics seem to have been overdone over the last 20 years with a previous long run of ``Annie'' on Broadway and a major motion picture in? starring? and ?.

But when Will and Jada seemed to be pressing for this, there was this strange opposition coming from really conservative White People.  I guess it had something to do with the ``Clean as daisies and butter'' image that Annie poses for the North American public and how such an image might be ``tarnished'' by sweet Willow making a new movie out of this popular American tradition.

I have noticed, and have been quite concerned that Will and Jada's children, the younger ones, seem a bit thin, but other than that OK health wise. [I am NOT a doctor, but I like to see children healthy, but not overweight or too thin.].  I must say that none of this is my business, but being an advocate for more diverse and substantial movie roles for Black and Latin actors, I was a bit perplexed by all the firestorm and controversy.

Willow has not been allowed a Major movie role like Her younger brother was with ``The Karate Kid'' which met with a good amount of audience acceptance and critical acclaim as well. Willow, as far as I know, has been singing and doing pretty well with that.

I just wanted to go on record as supporting Jada and Will if they still want Willow to star in ``Annie''. I don't see where this would be a problem.  Young People and children could do far worse than a new ``Annie'' as a venue for entertainment.  The production crew will undoubtedly hire quite a few Black actors, stage hands, and other movie-production professionals in the making of ``Annie.''  [I'm assuming it will be a mostly-Black production this time out. 

With all the billions spent on movie production annually in Hollywood I can't see why we can't have a Black ``Annie.''  It might even swing in a new era of Black film making like the one we had during the 1970's with movies such as ``Coffee,'' ``Sounder,'' ``Lady Sings the Blues,'' and ``Nothin But a Man'' [which was actually from a bit earlier.  I just hope to GOD we can--as Black academicians, Black writers, Black poets, Black school teachers, and the everyday common Brother and Sister makin it in the hood--if you will-- I hope we can find a better name for this era in new Black film making this time out. God Bless Jada and Will and all three of the Smith Children.

This commentary needs to be edited, checked for spelling and reviewed before it is finally released to the public on Wednesday the 12th of March, 2014.      

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