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A open Letter to the World About Oil Prices,Middle East Peace and The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East...

September 9th, 2013 [Monday]

An Open Letter to the World
From: Brother Tracy Gibson - Writer - Activist - Businessman -
Fundraiser - Journalist - Visionary--Peace Maker- Philanthropist....

RE: What to do About Raising Oil Prices And Peace in the Middle East... Join The Progressive  Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East!!!

1] We should be making friends with the Palestinian People [not just the Jews] because
they are held dear to the hearts of the Arab World because of the
discrimination and hardships they faced since the creation of the
State of Israel in 1948. This will bring more fairness in our policies
in the Middle East and help us be perceived as a Peace-Maker instead
of a One-Sided ally of Israel's.
2] Our relationship with Israel needs to fundamentally change. We
give them $4 Billion Dollars a year and Jewish Americans must legally
hand over about another $10 Billion Dollars. Yet, Frightfully, this
large sum of cash still isn't enough to buy lasting Peace and
stability in the region. In fact there is more stress and strife in
the Middle East now than there ever was.
3] We need to stop the gun-boat diplomacy of bombing the Taliban in
Yemen, Somalia, Syria, other parts of the Middle East and Africa and Pakistan. Our drone missiles have been proven to take the
lives of many women and children. This is unacceptable to the
American public [ at least to those who realize this is going on and
are paying attention.
4] We, as North American businessmen, the North American public, those concerned about the high and unacceptable prices of oil for our cars, industry and our homes, we should be advocating for lower oil prices.  We need to not only address our Federal Government about this, but also the leaders of the Middle East.  It Will be a Big advantage for the North American public to get cheaper oil prices.  This Will help stimulate a vibrant and complete turn around in the U.S. economy.  This turn around is exactly what we have been working towards and what we want.  This can be determined and realized by our diplomats being more open to talking to and delivering more rights and considerations to the Palestinian People and making sure a resolution can be reached among the people in the Middle East as far as the age ole Israeli and Palestinian conflict is concerned. [See related data on my blog about the formation of The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.].   

5] We need to not only join The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, but we need to read up on the Middle East through reading such publications such as Mother Jones; The Nation Magazine; The New York Times; Time Magazine; The Crisis; The Final Call; and the Progressive Magazine to name a few.  We should also be watching ``Democracy Now,'' instead of just watching the regular news on the major commercial networks and cable TV.  This will help us determine and move towards better outcomes in the Middle East as regards to how our own economy is impacted. Frankly, we need to turn off the TV and the football games and read.  I don't think the Eagles and the Red Skins are going to write us a check after the game is over.  We get all excited during a football game, but we aren't getting any more educated or informed and our pocket books and wallets aren't getting any fatter.  We continue to be a stubborn, unconcerned and uneducated public--this needs to change as soon as possible. 


Brother Tracy Gibson...


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