Thursday, November 8, 2012

``Flight'' : Adventures in Healing..... {Edited Version}

``Flight'' : Adventures in Healing

By Brother Tracy Gibson
I never thought I would hear so many moans about a Denzel Washington movie. But, while people seemed to enjoy His new film, they also got a lesson--like with most of Denzel's Films.  This time, however, people weren't as openly receptive because the shoe fit, as it were, with many people.

 ``Flight'' traces the high-flying adventures of a career alcoholic who is also an airline pilot--a problem that often goes undetected by our flight system regulators as the situation presently stands.  I was highly impressed and quite motivated to tackle my own additions to food and pornography after seeing Denzel's character ``finally tell the truth'' to federal airline regulators during an eventful formal hearing in the movie. 

 We, in North American culture, have become a culture of addiction.  Many people, like me, for example, have more than one addiction.  Redefining and turning one's life around to fit a more sane mold can be difficult and or down right impossible without some sort of consistent psychiatric intervention.  Such intervention was not only frowned upon by Denzel, in this movie, it was openly rejected and fought against--even as his family life continued to fall apart. As his new girlfriend takes FLIGHT, as it were, and leaves him,  he slowly realizes he has a problem that is going to take more than just Him to decipher, tackle and overcome. When He gets the help he needs--and deserves-- His life takes a positive turn...

 This film hit home with many, many audience members who were probably dealing, in one way or another, with the various addictions of modern day life in North America.  If I need to mention some of them I will. Maybe it will be a mirror for your own healing. Some, and I mean only some, of the addictions we are faced with as North Americans include: illegal and prescription Drug addiction; food addictions; shopping and clothing addictions; sex addictions; addictions to pornography {Which I have, but which I have managed to justify by working towards healthier, safer images in porn}; other spending addictions such as gambling and spending money we don't have; spousal abuse, bullying and ``throwing one's weight around politically'' can also be an addiction {I am personally guilty of the ``throwing my weight around politically'' aspect here, which can help alienate you from people who would otherwise like to care about you and reach out}; church and religion addictions; an addiction to unrealistic expectations when you haven't done your homework and paid your dues; an addiction to liking or being attracted to people who are too young for you as sexual ``targets'' / or possible partners {This is most likely also a problem I have and have barely touched on even after 30 plus years of therapy}; Alcohol addictions--as addressed in ``Flight''.  When we own up to these addictions, we begin a fantastic healing process that will last a lifetime

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