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Jewish People: God's Bad Little Boys and Bad Little Girls............

GOD’s Bad Little Boys and Bad Little Girls: The Jewish People…..

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

Saturday, November 24, 2012 1:31 PM

Don't take my word for it, check out Revelations in the Bible {Chapter 2; Verse 9 } {A Gay ordained Reverend [NOT from Unity Fellowship Church] found it in the Bible for me} and you will see what I'm talking about. They are not obedient to GOD who talks about giving back to your fellow man throughout the Bible {Because they are very greedy people--with their time, money and with their sense of kindness, LOVe and fellowship}; they are a persecuted people, but they have just about spent up the residuals they got from being victims of World War II; they are now running on empty as far as getting empathy and sympathy from most of the rest of the word. Most people see their stubbornness and their intransigence as holding the rest of the World hostage while they insist on maintaining the existence of the Jewish State of Israel. The actuality is that Jewish People have a really concentrated control over much of the world's money supply and wealth and maintain and guard with a vengeance on the door to entrance into most of the very, very lucrative field{s} in our country {Such as diamond and gold merchants; movie moguls; Wall Street Executives; Big Time Publishers; Hedge Fund Executives; Advertising Executives; and so forth.} And they are not sharing that access and power with the little people like you and me….unless we sell out our revolutionary and progressive credentials TOTALLY. If you REALLY analyze it I think you will find this FACT at the source of your personal anger and why you accept the title of anti-Semite for yourself. This is what makes them some of the most hated, despised and resented people on the great Earth. This is why some people I know are actually glad to call themselves anti-Semitic. But I reject that label for myself or for you or anyone who has a legitimate gripe about Jewish Power--because they, the Jewish People, simple use putting such a label on people who hate or don't like them to pigeon hole them and discount them and use these people's anti-Semitism as grounds for dismissing their views and opinions. The point of view of those who hate on the Jewish People needs to be examined and reviewed to reveal the true nature and legitimacy of these views. The only reason I want to see such a Progressive or Bold view that would question Zionism reviewed and assessed is because I am personally tired of watching as the world sits by as the Middle East almost blows itself off the map in an attempt to maintain and augment the existence of the Jewish State... Don't let them pigeon hole you. Stand up and be proud of your views and be counted about the Jewish People and come to a better understanding of the conflicts in the region by reading such books as the following...


There are lots of good books on the Middle East. If you are looking for ones more focused on Palestine, the one I recommend as a start is Susie Abulhawa's novel Mornings in Jenin, which covers the conflict from its beginning from the perspective of a Palestinian family who are driven off their land. We used it for a book group a few years ago.

Non-fiction works include The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe, and a three-part series of books called Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews by Alan Hart. Hart (a former correspondent for BBC) traces the history of Zionism from its roots in the late 1800's.

{The Above Books were referred to me by a Woman of European descent named Betsey Piette who has been a long-time activist and a good friend of mine.  In fact, she, along with about five other people of different races, including two Black people, helped train me politically, and I am VERY, VERY THANKFUL!!!


Other Solutions:

I have put out several times and to several people another—including Jewish Groups—other options for the Middle East. That is to call the State of Israel a new and great name. Such as what Ronald Reagan, {Even though I had no respect for Ronald Reagan} called a Great City:-- That is ``A Shining City on a Hill.’’ This great City would NOT be just for the Jewish People, but would offer a free and open state for ALL people and would be run by a different formation of people than the United Nation or the Jewish People who would run and control it. This new Formation MUST be uncorrupted and not influenced by money interests and traditional POWER influences, liberal OR conservative. This New Formation would be of countries of the world on a rotating basis—never to be dominated by the so-called Security Council of the United Nations {Russia, The United States of North America, and China} which makes up the U.N. ’S Security Council and which vetoes every progressive bill or Progressive designation about the Middle East or Israel that comes down the pike that would give real and lasting positive solutions to the conflicts in the Middle East; or which does nothing to the illegal state of Israel to punish them for holding the rest of the world hostage with their racist insistence that they continue to exist as a racist, discriminatory state that persecutes the Arab Palestinians and steals their land. This New Land would do away with that discrimination and racism and would Bless the World with a New Country—``a Shining City on a Hill’’ that would be for ALL People and be free for all to work, play, enjoy life and own property—not just the Jewish People. {You will notice that I don’t call them Jews, because I think that term, JEWS, in itself is used hatefully. I call them Jewish People…}… There is a need for only One State in that area—not two. But no one seems to listen to this view. I invite you to join me in working with me to get the word out about this as soon as possible, before the entire region blows a hole in the Great Earth that cannot be repaired and kills millions of people. If you look correctly back at the history and analyze it correctly, that is exactly what happened during World War II. {They, The Jewish People, hoarded money and controlled the German economy and Hitler came to POWER and tried to exterminate them. We don’t need another Hitler}… Let’s not repeat history and have them executed, killed and persecuted once again. Let’s ALL work for a better solution, a solution for Peace and LOVe, because GOD is LOVe and LOVe is for EVERYONE…

From: Brother Tracy Gibson;

President and Founder of:

The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101

BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com 1.215.471.64.94

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