Thursday, November 15, 2012

South African Counsulate General Visits.....

If you are in the {Philadelphia / Delaware area in March 2013 the Consul General of the South African Government may well be having a meeting here to show support for locals I work with on issues surrounding South Africa. I met with Mr. George Monyemangene and several Board members of a non-profit I work with called Friends of Somafco. Friends of Somafco is an organization that helps raise awareness and funds for educational and other support services for South Africa. Friends of Somafco once helped run and operate a school in South Africa and now helps a network of soup kitchens called ``Rosie's Kitchen'' for youth and elders in South Africa. {I served on their Board of Friends of Somafco for about eight years and find their integrated Board to be both delightful, courteous and professional. They are great friends. Mr. Monyemangene spoke to the Board on a host of issues today, Thursday the 15th of November, 2012, including: the tragic death of 34 striking miners caught in a dispute over wages that went bad; the environment and getting and keeping South African businesses ``GREEN''; the problems inherent in ``fraking'' in searching for ``natural gas''; building and rebuilding the South African infrastructure; education and how they are partnering with Cuba for Medical School [s] and how they want to work further to make sure that students looking for technical degrees and highly specialized degrees in fields such as math, engineering, the sciences, etc, also get social awareness and people skills; the role of China in South Africa's economy; keeping the unemployment rate down in South Africa; and other important issues of the day. Mr. Monyemangene also said that the country has faced a great deal of negative press surrounding the events at the mine, but that there was a ``full committee investigation'' that is taking place and that is expected to report back in December of this year. Mr. Monyemangene met with the Board of Friends of Somafco at the Tinley Temple Church in South Philadelphia. The ANC Representative, Mr. Godfrey Sithole, was also in attendance.... As more information from South Africa comes about I will keep you informed. If you have any specific questions about South Africa and or their economy as loyal members of the Black Millionaire's Network please give me a call...
With Peace and Respect,
Brother Tracy Gibson,
President and Founder of the Black Millionaire's Network;
Post Office Box 42878;
Philadelphia, PA 19101

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