Thursday, November 22, 2012

International Black Activist Arrested: my arrest and defense Trial Date: 11/28/2012

International Black Gay Activist Arrested: My Arrest… And What You Can Help Me DO About It…

By Brother Tracy Gibson…

If you thought it was safe and legal to sit in 30th Street Station for a few moments while you take a breather before you get on your way to the Public Library, you would be , apparently, sadly mistaken. This writer, international activist, businessman and scholar was arrested for ``defiant trespassing'' at Philadelphia's 30th Street Train Station after stating that I had no reason to buy a train ticket because I was on the way to the Public Library. I was just resting on my way to the library. {I often do this and had no problem before. I take a walk Down Town sometimes to help with weight loss and exercise, like our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wants us to do and has asked us to do more of...}

I was detained as the two officers in question {Am track Police Officer BUi Badge # 311 and Am track Police Officer Steckler Badge # 379} took me into custody. Officer BUi, who was small in stature and of Asian descent, took a harmless ink pen from me and broke it in half, destroying it as I attempted to take down their names and badge numbers. I was NEVER read any Miranda Rights, but was taken in a back Am track room and handcuffed at the ankle and at the back of my body at my hands. The citation says it was 9:25 A.M. on November 10, 2012 when I was arrested, but the clock said about 9:55 A.M., as far as I can remember.

I am to appear in court on November 13th, Tuesday, at 2 P.M. in Courtroom 404CJC; 1301 Filbert Street.

The trial is Wednesday November 28th, 2012 in Court Room B03 at 1301 Filbert Street.. at 11:30 A.M.

I was detained for an hour as the Officers did their paperwork--finding no prior arrest record. I was finally given a court date and released. I was escorted OUT of the 30th Street Train Station at the far left side of the 29th Street exit. I walked the rest of the Way to the Logan/Parkway Library at 21st and the Parkway.

The citation / complaint said I was sleeping in the station.

I will call my lawyer when I get home, and or e-mail Him or Her here on the Library computers. I would venture to guess that such arrests are made as part of the Patriot Act II that none of us want to take the time to look into and find out exactly what rights and civil liberties have been erased and or taken away from us with the passage of such laws. I do NOT want those officers to lose their jobs, but I will be taking on consideration of legal action against Am track....

Preparing a Defense:

I would like to engage A & Z Ahmad & Zaffarese, LLC for my defense at a cost of $5 Grand There phone number is 1.215.496.93.73. There Address is: One South Broad Street, Suite 1819; Philadelphia, Penn 19107; e-mail address: WAHMAD@AANDZLAW.COM...CELL PHONE FOR MR. AHMAD: 1.215.939.01.63; FAX: {FOR LETTERS OF SUPPORT} 1.215.496.94.19.......



1} Please see charges on Citation.

2} There are no visible signs saying 30th Street Station is NOT a Public Place as the Am Track Officers said.

3} I was told it was NOT a Public Place and that I had to MOVE on.

4} I fell asleep for about one minute.

5} I had no money to make a purchase at the Officers had required.

6} What about People who have no money, As I didn’t that Day {Nov. 10th} This is Blatant Discrimination

Against the poor and the homeless.

7} I am an advocate for better and proper education for Poor, Black and Latin children and people.

8} I am also a human Rights Advocate.

9} I am an active social activist; wRiter; and promoter {I had an event coming up on the 26th of December that now has to be moved to March 23rd.

10} On November 10th I had over $100.00 worth of books in order at the Bookstore at 30th Street Station’s bookstore.

11} I also have a Transpass for the month of November that I had on me when I was arrested. {Which is good to use for many Am Track trains especially the regional rail lines and the train to the Airport.}

12} I was NEVER read my Miranda Rights when I was arrested.

13} Please see the story I wrote {above} about my arrest.

14} If there are any excess funds left over from my defense, they will be used for my activism projects, which includes my advocacy of Gay marriage and other Gay rights as well as advocating for HIV Positive people. If you don’t want to support any of these issues PLEASE DO NOT FINANCIALLY SUPPORT MY LEGAL DEFENSE!!

if you would like to read some of the articles for which I am being harassed by the police, please log onto: Please sign on as a supporter on my blog if you would like to...


I Am, Brother Tracy Gibson…

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