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The Jewish People.....Hard Work / Greedy...

The Jewish People Are the Victims of their own Intelligence, Success, Hard Work / ……..

``The Jewish People's insistent need to control EVERYTHING to stop their persecution is the root cause of their consistent and on-going persecution and impending fashism,'' quote from Brother Tracy Gibson.....

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

The Jewish People, those who practice the religion and those who don’t, are victims of their own hard work and their own high intelligence levels. How, you might ask, can you be Jewish and NOT practice the Jewish religion? It is my contention that being Jewish is also a way of life, a culture and a historical lineage—not just a religion. Jewish People have also fallen victim to their own greed and unwillingness to share, and their own keen ability to ``make it’’ in American and European society as it exists today. They are also victims of their own successes in business and their own self need to retain Jewish successes within their own ``religious’’ and or lineage group. The old adage that you are ``In Like Flint’’ if you are part of the Jewish crowd still holds true today…..

My father says to never deny a man the success he himself has worked hard for. Well, Jewish People have a tendency to make sure, not only that they are successful, but they also have a habit of locking other groups out of the markets and industries in which they are successful. {Some people theorize that this is because of their victimization at the hands of the German Nazis which created this sense of a rather paranoid need to make sure they survive. Ironically, it may be having the tendency of self-destruction…} Take the advertising industry, the production of pornography for and the production of major Hollywood films for example. I once had a college professor for a graduate course in script writing {he was NOT Jewish} who point blank told me and my classmates that to make it in Hollywood you had better know some Jewish people or be Jewish yourself. That is nothing but ``racial or religious’’ bias and it has been and can be proven by statistics and numbers. Jewish People are many in number in the film industry. All you have to do is look at the religious backgrounds and Sir Names of the people who are heads of major studios in Hollywood and other Hollywood decision makers and movers and shakers in Hollywood and you will see a preponderance of Jewish Sir Names and people with Jewish histories. To deny this fact is to deny truth and to hide your head in the sand...

The same goes for the advertising industry which is strongly related to Hollywood because the major names on Madison Avenue, many of the major players, are also Jewish People. These two fields are not only closely related, but also produce billions of dollars in revenue for the major corporations who dominate the industry. But Jewish People, to their own merit, are good for getting into and dominating industries that produce great amounts of wealth, profit and revenue. Have you ever heard the comment about a ``good Jewish lawyer?’’ Well apparently if you want the best and most effective lawyers you had better hire a Jewish one. The legal profession is another profession in which Jewish People have a large steak and are represented in large numbers. And, low and behold, it is yet another career and industry in which very large numbers, billions of dollars, in wealth, profits revenues are produced around the world annually.

What other lucrative fields are Jewish People found to play major roles in? They are numerous in the accounting field as well as in psychiatry, medicine, diamond merchandising and other media industries outside of the movies such as TV, Radio, the recording industry, Print media, journalism [especially highly visible, popular magazines and newspapers] and book publishing. Getting the proper credentials to get on the inside of these fields can take hundreds of thousands of dollars {in tuition fees} and many long years of education {Often the jobs in the hood that brothers could get right out of High School have dried up due in part to decisions made by people very different from us, as Black people. Such as taking manufacturing jobs overseas to drastically increase profits and decrease labor costs. Many of the decision makers who made the decision to make the U.S. largely a service industry country and take those jobs off shore were people of the Jewish faith. } Again, these very lucrative and tightly controlled fields are weighted heavy with Jewish executives and Jewish money interests. Jewish people are also major players, far outstripping the numbers of other ethnic or religious groups, in prosperous fields such as new technologies, electronics, engineering, stock brokers, hedge fund dealers, top business officials; executives and the industries that creates immerging markets around the world. Again these fields are very lucrative and filled to the brim with Jewish People and their money interests…. Some of those money interests are from as far away as South Africa, England other parts of Europe and Israel, but that gets into another article. You would never believe there are only about six million Jewish People in the United States when you see their numbers in these industries. Blacks lag far behind, but then we are not the gatekeepers and decision makers for these fields nor are we the ones determining what is to be learned in these fields and what and who is to be left out. When you get into these positions of leadership and power in determining what goes into a field or what makes up the tenants or the parameters of what that field is to entail, you have a great deal of say in who gets in, who gets accepted and who doesn’t. We also have to contend with the same inner city problems of poverty, illegal drug dependency, high unemployment, crime, being tracked into the role of ``consumer only’’ from the cradle to the grave, early pregnancy, and a lack of business corporate opportunities, among others, that have been plaguing us as a people and our communities for generations…..

One of the stereotypes that have plagued Jewish people for hundreds of years is that they are greedy. This persists. You know what they say about stereotypes—that they are ALL based in some reality and truth—even the really bad ones about Black people. As an outside observer—one looking at the Jewish community as a non-Jewish person, I have to admit I feel that many of their problems seem to be able to be solved if they were a more generous people. Jewish People used to have many of their stores inside Black communities across the country, especially along the East coast. There were often complaints that the merchants would come in the Black community, make their money, take the money and give very little back to the community they profited from such as jobs and real career opportunities, especially to our Black male youth…. {Check out the movie ``Do The Right Thing,’’ by Spike Lee and you will see what I mean… For a brief time, I once worked for a Jewish store owner in West Philadelphia. He was very unscrupulous. He put his children through school by selling regular items that anyone could purchase at a regular drug store or pharmacy in just about any community, but he and his wife also sold codeine cough syrup without a prescription under the table. At the time, this was illegal. He also had a second home down in Florida and a nice home in a suburb of Philadelphia away from the Blacks he profited from and catered to. {His store was located on the corner of 48th and Walnut Street in West Philadelphia. It was called Richard’s Drug Store.} He had made well and bought these properties by servicing the Black community of West Philadelphia. My friend had gotten me the job at the store, but I decided I wanted more money than I was making. The Jewish Store owner said I had only worked a few months and that I was not getting a raise and didn’t deserve one. I quit my job. At the tender age of 16, I did not like some of the things that went on in his store anyway. I know this will not be popular with some of my readers, but yes, I do believe some Jewish People are greedy. I’m not saying ALL Jewish People are greedy, but I do believe this greed they suffer from is chocking them right now and that this greed is part of what is making them so hated, resented and mistrusted in many sectors and circles within the U.S. and elsewhere. In fact it is actually undermining some of their agenda, not helping it at all. My feeling is that if you have a lot, you should be willing to make sure some of your neighbors around the globe have something also. There are some Jewish People who wouldn’t give a dime to a starving Black man on the street because they don’t think he deserves it. But it is largely Black people through our own struggles as a people who have helped Jewish People take advantage of Civil Rights laws, affirmative action laws and other laws that were really meant to advance us as a People—not them. We, as Blacks, largely remain a consumer class of people while Jewish People have enjoyed being merchants, businessmen and businesswomen generation after generation. But Blacks are getting wiser. We want a larger piece of the North American pie and more of the action. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, some of us have fallen prey to being too greedy as well, and don’t want to help out our own people. If more Jewish People started programs in inner cities that helped more poor and disenfranchised people of every race, you would see the hatred many people feel for Jewish People as a race and / or religion start to fall away and dissipate. But I don’t see that happening as yet… Where does their money go to anyway? All the money they make from selling diamonds, making movies [including pornography], owning basketball teams and football teams, and being top executives and such—where does it all go? To support their agenda… Much of it goes right back to other Jewish People within their families and neighborhoods--to pay for business expansion and put their children through school. And to support their worldly agenda. A sizable portion also goes to the State of Israel, which is another reason why they are again hated. Most Arab People and Muslim People don’t like the state of Israel much [the Palestinian issue and all its’ complexities and complications is a large part of the reason] and they see Israel getting billions in U.S. federal tax dollars AND money from the Jewish community in the U.S. and elsewhere….. Some feel it has to end somewhere and that there has to be a telling of this whole story and a real accounting for what the Jewish people are doing.

To get back to some of the meat and yams of the original premise of this article, it must be pointed out that having these hard-to-get media jobs that many Jewish People have held for decades should not be taken likely. Being a producer of a top show or a major TV or movie studio executive has a great deal of power and clout attached to it. You can decide to enhance and promote the group you belong to and set back or demote another group. For example: CNN often has major Jewish commentators and analysts on the air as their major programming talking heads to discuss what goes on in Egypt, or other North African and / or Middle Eastern countries without lifting a finger to have on an Arab commentator or analyst... Where is the balance and sense of fair play in such programming? ABC and other networks took track and field off of TV like magic several years ago. Track and Field, an event that is often dominated by Black star athletes such as the Kenyans, African Americans and the Jamaicans during the Summer Olympics, decreased significantly in the minds of viewers because during the off season they no longer got to see the stunning performances of major Black track and field runners gain momentum and stature by winning the off-season awards on the major networks. Maybe the often Jewish-led producers of these shows—such as ABC Sports--decided the glistening Black skin and other Black features of such Black champions as Gay, Bolt and Powell, was just too much for the mostly White viewers to see—so off with their programming it was!!! The raw force and power of the Black image has been suppressed by White TV and movie executives for decades. This is done through the editing process; through determining that perfectly good Black scripts never get to be made into films or TV shows; and through other studio and TV executive processes that continue to deny and curb our greatness as a people…as Black People that is… You can just about count the number of top major film studio and TV executives who are Black on one hand…..The power of the small screen and the TV programmer is made minuscule when you think of how our Black images are handled by the major movie producers who take our image—be that what it is--around and throughout the world through international movie distribution and the selling of movie rights and other programming rights…... They will pick Martin Laurence or Tyler Perry in a woman’s dress over some more serious consideration of one of our fabulous historical figures such as actor Charles Gilpin or director/producer Oscar Micheaux, just about every time!!! This angers many Black thinkers, writers, political activists, community organizers, political analysts and /or Black observers and intellectuals including myself!!! {My feeling is the anger is fine, but it soon dissipates with a McDonalds milk shake and a large order of fries. What we need to do is build our own Black businesses and Black infrastructure on an international level. I’m working on it, Call me…}

Jewish People are as complex as they are hated. Few people make better comedy writers, or comedy directors [the comic genius of Mel Brooks comes to mind here], yet their lives as a group of people, tends to be rather tragic. There are other reasons for their being hated besides the ones I have gone into here. They exist as a conundrum and a mystery to many people including many White North Americans outside of New York City where many Jewish People have tended to live and base their lucrative businesses for several generations…. Some Americans don’t understand them at all. Are they White? {If so, why did the White Arian German Nazis HATE them so much?} Are they a race of people or a religious group? Are they Semitic—whatever that is? Jewish culture does exist. They have long held traditions concerning marriage, life choices, burial, ethics and morals, food, food preparation, customs, religious holidays and so forth. They also have a certain ``look’’ according to many, as well as a customary way of talking and / or a language all their own—Hebrew [their traditional language] and Yiddish [still spoken in parts of Europe]. To hate them as an entire group of people takes all their traditions and customs and says they are nothing and that they must not be considered human. This is NOT a solution or the proper thing to do AT ALL!!! We all know who wanted to exterminate the Jewish People and I don’t think, in fact I know, the world and the United States in particular DOES NOT want to go down that road again. But Jewish People themselves also hold some hateful ideas and attitudes about other people as well. I once saw an episode of ``The Bachelor’’ on ABC TV where the Bachelor was a Jewish man whose mother had no intentions of allowing her son to come within spitting distance of a young Black woman who was one of the females he was to choose from on the show. She also had no intentions of letting her son date or come too close to any of the other non-Jewish White women included on the show that day either—even though they were White!!. She had chosen the sole Jewish woman on the show for him to select from. She and only she would do for her son. If you consider what Jewish People have had to go through over an extended period—the persecution, the hatred and the ridicule [and I’m talking about on a really intense level sometimes]--you might be able to begin to understand why this Jewish mother wanted only a Jewish wife for her only son. The Jewish People tend to stick together and any cursory reading of their history will tell you why. It is a matter of survival for them… The small spat between the Jewish mother and the Sister [the Black female] blew up into a full-fledged racial episode as things got really personal, hot and nasty on ``The Bachelor’’ that day... I bring this up to show that while Jewish People make sure to point out the racism and anti-Semitism against them, they rarely point out the racism within their own group and / or religion. {Have you ever thought about how separate and out of touch the Jewish Synagogue near you is? While you might venture into a Catholic church, you wouldn’t even know what to do to get inside a Jewish Synagogue and not be seen as a stranger or a foreigner. You, as a Christian, just don’t feel welcomed. We might feel equally unwelcomed at the neighborhood Mosque as well!!!} At the same time, it is this persecution and hatred of Jewish People that feeds into their wanting to stick together as a people and help their own. This is understandable, but it’s also a very vicious cycle. They are persecuted because they help one another so much—often at the exclusion of other groups, races and religions—and they help one another so much because they are persecuted. WHERE DOES IT ALL END!!!

Jewish People don’t expect to get ahead without paying their dues. That is why they put their children in the best private schools and tend to send their children to the top universities in the United States such as MIT, Harvard, Yale, Columbia University, The University of Pennsylvania or Stanford. Jewish parents know that if their children get the best educations, their children can win and dominate in their respective fields. They have a foot in the door with a good education, plus they usually have a family member who is either a major player at a corporation or who owns a small or moderate sized business. This way their younger generations coming out of college already has a leg up and a foot in the door of the corporate world... By comparison, often our parents don’t want to foot the bill to send their children to the very best schools or our children are weighted down in some way by issues pertaining to the inner city such as: the issue of poverty and illegal drug use, the thug life and the glamorization of the thug life, and poor foundation educations in the public school systems. These are just a few of the items that leave our children behind—there are many others such as a lack of father figures and unstable households economically and Spiritually.… Some of our youth make out good, but it is usually by a quirk, raw intellectual talent and power or by having a great deal of parental dedication and direction—especially if the student is coming out of the inner-city public school system.

Jewish People also tend to dominate in education and serve as teachers and administrators in universities as well as in public and private schools. While this field is far less lucrative than the others I mentioned, it is still very safe and lucrative enough for them because it is largely Jewish teachers who protect the teacher’s Unions and block firings of incompetent teachers while maintaining good pension funds, retirement benefits and teacher’s salaries for teachers and school administrators…. Unfortunately it is also Jewish dominated Boards of Education which make sure that the level of Black male teachers in inner cities, for example, who are often very effective at controlling and helping Black students move ahead—especially Black males--are kept in check. Such is the case in the Philadelphia School District. Here, in Philadelphia, Black male teachers are only seven percent {7 %} of the teachers. Seven Percent!! The School Board in Philadelphia is full of Jewish administrators and decision makers, but I digress…

To get back to the main point, it is in old ``Tinsel Town’’ [Hollywood] where Jewish People really dominate and where their power is so concentrated and exacting that many outside observers of the industry, such as myself and many, many others—both Jewish and Non-Jewish--are becoming alarmed and deeply concerned…. I have heard on more than one occasion where Black script writers have had their scripts just totally overlooked, or torn to shreds by ``superior’’ writers and editors. These often Jewish studio executives are looking for the next ``trick’’ to make a multi-million dollar movie hit the jackpot at the box office and heard millions of viewers into the theaters like unsuspecting sheep…. Scripts are often written by Jewish People; costume designers are also largely Jewish; editors are largely Jewish People; set designers and film-score composers are largely Jewish People; directors of the major movies are often Jewish People; major actors are often Jewish People who have either changed their names and or changed their look to look more ``North American’’ and non-Jewish; major movie producers and film studio executives are also often Jewish People also. Unfortunately it is the male Jewish person who often dominates in Hollywood; the women sometimes and somehow, find themselves left out in the cold--unless they have major Capital and money to move a picture through; contacts with major talent; or both.

And what happens to major social, political and / or religious figures who mention this 800 pound Jewish gorilla sitting in our collective living rooms? Look at what they did, and when I say they I mean the Jewish–led major North American media and Jewish media stars like Barbara Walters--look at what they did to Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan, for example. When he tried to point out some of this stuff to the public, he was called anti-Jewish, a hater, a low-down-dirty dog, and any other number of things when he spoke out back in the 1980’s and 1990’s….. But the truth of what he said cannot be denied. Jewish People have talent and they have taken the talent they have and refined and honed it, but they have also kept access to the many lucrative fields they dominate, guarded and closed to certain groups, and they allow access only under certain conditions and to certain people. If you strongly disagree with them politically, you and your projects may find yourselves in trouble, unfunded or out of luck—even sabotaged!!.... If I’m lying --I’m flying…..and I ain’t flying…

Jewish People also play a major role in the production of Broadway shows in New York and help produce some of those shows when they go on the road across the United States. If you get a hit on Broadway, you can make millions in a matter of weeks. If a show flops Jewish money and Jewish money connections and interests can also help sustain and make up for your losses. Again, the directors, the stars and the many other talented people one needs to put on a Broadway show tend to be of Jewish origin, or quite friendly with that community of people.

I know Jewish People are not all hoarding their money. Many of them give millions of dollars to causes including those causes that benefit Black people and other oppressed groups of people such as Latin people and the poor and disadvantaged in general. I know for a fact that there are also poor Jewish People, who have found themselves unable to grasp the golden ring in North American and / or European society. But there are far more who have ``made it’’ and many of them set the rules as to what making it is and who makes it. There are Jewish People in the U.S. Senate and plenty of Jewish people in the House of Representatives.

But one generally gets into trouble when one begins to ask what does the Jewish Community do with all that cash—the billions of dollars that they legally generate over a few years—where does it all go? Some of it goes to advocacy groups such as the Jewish Federation and other groups that lobby for Jewish concerns and issues on Capitol Hill and at other centers of power in Washington, D.C. such as before the President of the United States and the Senate. They make their concerns about the safety of the State of Israel and the security of the State of Israel in the face of threats from Arab states which are seemingly more and more unstable even as democracy movements in that region grow like wildfire…. With the internet and the new information age, these facts are known to as many people and as much of the general public as possible—the truth can no longer be held in check like it was for decades…. {Unfortunately, for Jewish interests, much of their complaining is now falling on unsympathetic ears, due to political shifts and the publics' higher level of knowledge on the issues of the Jewish People, the Arabs, the Palestinians and the Middle East.} The Jewish People also give millions of dollars to Jewish People in foreign countries such as Russia and former Eastern-Bloc Nations where some Jewish People live in squalor or have found themselves to be less successful than they are in the U.S. or Europe…

Moreover, let us get back to one of the original major premises of this article--that being that Jewish People are victims of their own success. I say that because if you read ALL of ``The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany,’’ by William L. Shirer, you will discover that Jewish People were doing quite well in Germany before the rise of Adolph Hitler. They were in control of much of the economics and the economy in pre-Hitler Germany. The Native Germans were getting restless and weary of Jewish economic domination and soon found themselves falling prey to people like Hitler {a fascists and a racist} who made the Jewish People ``scapegoats’’ because of the economic clout and mastery they had gained in business and industry. So what I’m saying is that Jewish People again find themselves in privileged situations in our country {and Europe} and as the general populations of North American people have to do without, North Americans are getting jealous and angry at seeing Jewish People doing so well in North America and Europe. Why do I say this? Because it is becoming quite in vogue to be anti-Jewish now a days and that trend is growing. I think this is unfortunate, and I think it CAN be turned around. Jewish People would do better to make sure that access to wealth is spread more evenly throughout our Nation and our Nation’s multitude of people—including every ethnic group including Blacks, Muslims, the poor, Arabs, Asians and Latin people—and every religious group and class of people. The more Jewish People and even other people of means including other White people and even wealthy Black people, hold their money close to their chest the more resentment builds and the more likely that chances are a new ``courageous,’’ skilled and even crafty and charismatic leader will take hold of that anti-Jewish {and anti-rich} public opinion and hone it into a National or even an international movement that could become racist, fascist, and very bloody—thus the history or the Nazis’ repeating itself again... {I work hard every day that such a thing does NOT happen again}… I think we ALL fear a new fascists uprising in the U.S. or Europe. For example I saw a TV show that showed a Jewish man putting on a wedding for his daughter. The flowers for the wedding cost about $30,000.00 { $ Thirty Thousand Dollars }. Now, when you consider that many American families, including many Black American families would do well and feel they have accomplished something if they had access to even $30,000.00 for their daughter’s entire wedding, you begin to understand where I’m going with this article. Some Jewish People are so obsessed with reaching financial success that they forget that the people they had to utilize to get that success [their customers for example if they are business owners; or their tenants if they are investment property owners] often have a great deal less than they do. The more they flaunt their wealth, the more others get jealous and become susceptible to being herded into hating Jewish People in a really intense, unnecessary and flagrant way for what really may be no good reason at all….

So it is best that Jewish People learn to share more, open opportunities with other groups and make sure that everybody gets a piece of the action and a piece of the American Dream and the American Pie. [I know, we have been telling them and other Whites this for years and we went through a short spurt of growth for Black and Latin People in the 1970’s {During the one, four year term of President Jimmy Carter} and during the Clinton Administration, but now the REAL truth of the matter is being exposed by more than this one writer. The Internet is awash with articles about the financial domination and financial manipulation of Jewish People and Jewish interests, for example.] If you look at some of the statements coming from the Tea Party and then examine how well they did in the 2010 election cycle, you can see that hating Jewish People is really not good for any individual or group, nor is it good for our country. At the same time, however, Jewish People have to do their part in stemming that hatred by honestly looking at and taking actions to stem that hatred by building opportunities for others and ending some of the career hoarding that is going on among them. . . Check out actress Sandra Bullock in her award-winning 2009 film ``The Blind Side,’’ and you will see the tip of the iceberg that is needed to really change North America to the positive. {I’m not saying every White family should adopt a Black Person, but they could get involved in some way with a Grass Roots organization, Black organization or cause that is making a real difference in a real way. By the way, I’m not just talking about the NAACP or the United Negro College Fund here. My company and I are more than willing to help Jewish benefactors; philanthropist; and / or financial supporters [and the wealthy of any race including Black People] find these Black support organizations as well as find new and innovative ways of supporting them as well. Inclusion and acceptance of other groups outside the traditional White and Jewish realm is the key to not only building significant, useful and lasting bonds but is also key to ending the racial and religious hatred that Jewish People are faced with in not only America, France and England, but much of the rest of the world as Well …

There is one hopeful footnote I want to add here: Jewish Males and females are also top-heavy in their work to help a number of Black individuals and poor people and even groups of Black People through their pro-bono legal work; legal and political advocacy; general political work and work through such fantastic political groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center; the NAACP {Which was founded in part by Jewish People}; and the legal defense for Black political prisoners such as Mumia Abu Jamal and other Black, Native American {such as Leonard Paltier} and many others. They have also given fantastic amounts of money towards these causes and continue to do so. Some would argue that this is not nearly enough to stem the tide of hatred against the Jewish People, but thank GOD this work, on their part, exists. Otherwise we would not even have a starting point for activism and support to grow from.

Brother Tracy Gibson is a Black journalist and writer living in Philadelphia, PA {Formerly of New Castle, Delaware}...… He wants to hear what you have to say about this article—whether you agree or not—or you can write him about some of his other writing… Write him at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

and look for his upcoming book of poetry and his new ground-breaking book dedicated to improving the conditions of Black youths in America entitled: ``A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement,'' Due out in February, 2013...

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